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Never under-estimate "free" on Craigslist

So our re-siding finally got underway this week after a few rain delays.  We originally asked for the old siding to be left for us to recycle because we'd make some money on it.  400 pounds of siding and one $60 dollar truck rental later, we made a grand total of -38 bucks because the siding is steel, not aluminum and not nearly as good a salvage price.  I was ticked and not in the mood to move the remaining steel.  I posted a "free" add on craigslist for scrap metal and had 15 hits in an hour!  Someone is coming over to haul it away yet tonight.  Apparently there are metal salvage companies and all they do all day is pick up scrap.  If they have the bodies and the trucks to move it - they can keep the money. Stick out tongue 


Re: Never under-estimate "free" on Craigslist

  • I'm with you! I always say that my time has a value, too, and if someone else can do it, let them :).

    Yay for your new siding!!

  • I'm really excited for my yard to be my own again that is for sure.  I'd post pictures but the shakes for the dormer above the door aren't going to be in until next week so it looks funny right now.  I'm also excited for all the construction equipment to be out of the yard because it has been raining cats and dogs here so our grass is insanely long and we haven't been able to mow.  (and I need to get into my garden beds here too which are currently blocked by the stacked old siding)
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