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Going to be a long 6 weeks

Last night while DH was playing basketball he fell and heard his elbow pop. So when he got home I talked to my mom and her friend works at a dr office that specizlizes in broken/fractured bones so she said that she could get him in at 8 this morning. So he goes to the Dr and they x-rayed his arm and he has a small fracture in his elbow so now he is in a brace for 6 weeks. He is already complainig that he cant do anything like fishing, golfing, basketball, and etc. So needlesstosay I am going to go crazy with him home all the time. Please let these next 6 weeks go by quickly!!! 

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Re: Going to be a long 6 weeks

  • Ohh, that is the worst!  Active people don't do well with hearing they can't do what they love doing so much.  Hope he listened to his Dr.s advice and rests up so he can return to those activities as soon as possible!
  • There is NOTHING worse than a sick/wounded husband.  Even after nearly 31 years...he's still worse of a pain than the pain he is in...

    Can't live with 'em...can't shoot 'em.

    My baby girl is a married woman...and now my baby girl HAS a baby girl. Time unfolds in such an amazing way. I've been blessed!
  • Oh, that's rough!  I hope he can discover he likes reading if he doesn't already like it!
  • Tranqulizers..... Wink
  • OH no!  I totally understand your pain. 

    DH tore his bicep muscle from the bone back in February helping a neighbor get her car unstuck from the snow.  He had to have surgery to fix it.  DD was only 3.5 months old when it happened.  He just got to spend alone time with her last weekend at almost 7 months old.  Up until then, he couldn't pick her up, change a diaper, feed her, anything because he couldn't use his arm!  Of course, after his accident, DD decided she didn't want to STTN anymore.... what fun for Mom... except not really!  :P

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