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Intro and Higgins Lake question

Hello, I've lurked here for a little bit, but wanted to introduce myself and join in the fun!  I live near Sparta, stay at home with my kids (DD is almost 6 and my DS is 3), and am really excited it's almost summer :)

I noticed in a randoms post awhile ago that a few of you go to Higgins Lake in the summer - do you have big problems with swimmer's itch there?  What (if anything) do you do to try to prevent getting it? Our cottage is right across the lake from the North State Park and it's awful.   We've tried bug spray, baby oil, and of course wiping off really well every time we get out but the kids and I still get it almost every time we're up there.  If anyone has any tips, thank you!!

Re: Intro and Higgins Lake question

  • Hi and welcome! 


    We have a place up on Higgins, we are on the South-west side.  It seems for us the lake itch has been hit or miss.  Some years it is horrible, other years (like last year) wasn't bad.  Some people have luck with Bullfrog sunscreen/bug repellent combo.   I've also heard Avon's skin so soft recommended too.  I personally have found the more time spend in the shallows= more lake itch. 

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  • I don't have any info about Higgins Lake or swimmers itch, but I just wanted to say hi.  Welcome to the board!
  • Thanks for the welcomes!  

    The adults know to stay away from the shore up there, but it's hard to keep the kids from running in and out of the water.  It makes me sad because they don't get to enjoy the beach like I did growing up.  I'll have to try the bullfrog, thanks for the recommendation!

  • Hi! My son is 3 (well, next month), too. My only experience with Higgins Lake is the weekends we'd spend there with my dad's family growing up. I wasn't much of an in-the-lake kid, so I can't help. :) Good luck!
  • Welcome!

    Sorry about the swimmer's itch. Hope you figure out what you need to prevent or treat it. A summer without swimming is not a summer at all!!

  • Hello and Welcome!  I have nothing to add about swimmer's itch though - hopefully the above recommendation works!
  • We spend a lot of time at Higgens Lake, and I don't remember ever having a problem with swimmers itch.  A shower after returning to the cottage is all we've ever used.  Maybe we've just been lucky?

    And welcome!  I have a 21/2 and 5 year old. 

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  • Welcome to the Fun!!!

    Swimmers itch totally reminds me of summer's growning up. I think I got it almost every summer in grade school. That being said the only thing we used was baby oil. I also want to say that I remember it being a timing thing. That later in the season it wasn't so bad or I didn't get it.

  • I think we'll just have to make more trips to Lake Michigan for some beach time.  When we first moved here I thought we would go there all the time, but we've only gone about twice a summer.  Now that the kids are older it's going to be a lot easier and more fun.
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