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Moving to NOLA

So we just found out we are moving to NOLA.  I have never been there before.  DH seems to want to live downtown near where he will be working (on Canal Street).  DH has crazy hours, so we do not want a long commute (20 minutes or less).  I would prefer to live somewhere within walking distance of stores and public transportation. 

No kids or pets (although we would like to get  a dog someday).   I think at first we would want to a  rent a condo/apartment instead of a house.  But we are open to both options.  Once we sell our house here we will buy, but that might not be for a while.

Any suggestions? 





Re: Moving to NOLA

  • If you want to live near Canal Street, you have a few options.  There are a lot of apts/condos in the Warehouse District.  It's a hip area with a lot of galleries/bars/restaurants, etc.  Another option is Uptown (near Tulane U, the zoo, etc).  This would be my personal choice.  Lots of beautiful old houses converted to apts.  TONS of restaurants, shops, bars, etc.  If you live near the St. Charles Streetcar line, then you can take it downtown.  You can also rent near the Canal St. streetcar line in the Midcity area.  This is a great area and less expensive, but I'd visit first before renting because one street might be great, and one street over could be all boarded up and unsafe.

    Good luck!

  • thank you.

    there is not much out there on message boards about moving there, but the few that are out there say the same thing.. look before you 'buy, rent' as one block is great and the next sucks...  It seems that each block truly is different than the next.  most places have at least a few blocks separating good blocks from bad.

  • Yeah- I don't know why nola is like that with the neighborhoods.  Maybe because it's so old?  It's always been like that, so its not a Katrina thing or anything.

    I posted this on the MM board but just in case you didn't see it-- There are a few buildings that are run by prop management companies downtown that you might like to start off in rather than going with a private landlord in an unfamiliar neighborhood.  The ones I can think of are the Woodward, Cotton Mill and The Muses (which some friends of mine live in and they are new and nice).  I also have friends in the American Can Apts, but it's not close to public transportation.

  • I used to live in NOLA - I would suggest getting a realtor to show you around some places - houses to rent, apartments, etc - so you can really get an idea of the areas, etc.  Your DH's company might have someone they recommend.

    When we were moving there (my ex-bf and I) we visited a couple times and went around with a realtor and ended up renting a house close to Audubon Park... just a couple small blocks from the street car, off of Broadway. It was a nice little area- and was in a better area for flooding issues - because, as our realtor explained to us, "N'Awlins is like a saucer - you want to live on the edge of the saucer".  We never had flooding when I was there (we made it through a bad tropical storm and one hurricane that flooded many areas during that time).

    It truly varies by street... so be very careful- especially now after Katrina.

    NOLA is a VERY dog-friendly town- they have lots of fun events for dogs - we used to go to all of them and had a blast.  It's also very nice to have a dog for protection- since it is a high crime area - many people have dogs just for that reason.


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  • FI and I live uptown and we absolutely love it.  You can live off of St. Charles Ave. which is where the street car is.    Uptown is a really nice and safe area.  It's right around Audubon park so you could walk your dog or run in the morning. The zoo is here along with really cool bars and restaurants.  It has a laid back feel but is still located in the "city".  Many young professionals live in this area.  We have two small weiner dogs and we found our place off of craigslist.  I would stay away from River Lake properties.  Try contacting Metrowide appts, my friend Josh owns/runs the place and has several properties that he could show you!.  Hope this helps and good luck!
  • We live in Algiers Point, and it's great for working downtown. He could walk to work by taking the ferry, lots of people do it. The ferry also takes cars, or the bridge is easy. I work right by the Superdome and my commute is about 15 minutes on a typical rush-hour morning.

    I love it. :)

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