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Not enough closet or cupboards!

Hi, I normally just lurk here and read up on all the tips but I have a question today because if I go home one more day and see my kitchen, I may be attempted to set it on fire...JUST KIDDING!  but I have very little counter space and I think i've taken advantage of the space thanks for ikea and rods and hooks...

my big problem is my kitchen appliaces.  I have food processors, stand mixers, and other appliances along those lines...what does everyone else do with them? 

Re: Not enough closet or cupboards!

  • i have this same problem. My KitchenAid mixer is always in the way when I'm not using it. We have industrial shelving in our laundry room (right off the kitchen) and I asked DH to move it in there. He wouldn't because we really do use it a LOT. I just don't want it there when we're not using it lol

    I have a baker's rack-type cabinet that I store my food processor in, and a buffet that holds all my cake plates, etc. Blenders go in a corner cabinet and George Foreman, quesadilla maker, toaster, and expresso machine go in a bottom drawer.

    I don't know if any of that will help; but that's the only way I can manage.

  • I got rid of stuff we don't use. Most of it can be replaced with a knife and cutting board or a cooking implement on the stove.

    Maybe consider if you really NEED all your appliances??

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  • i try to keep only the bare minimum.  we have one big cabinet with 2 doors that has all my pots, pans, pyrex, mixing bowls and blender/food processor combo.  In the little cabinet above the refrigerator, i have the cuisinart griller (like a george foreman).  my mixer is on the top shelf of the coat closet, because there's no other room for it.  the microwave & coffeemaker stays on the counter.  the toaster goes in a cabinet below coffeemaker.  those are the only appliances we have. 

    i know how you feel though, we have a tiny galley kitchen with a very small dining area off of it.  this is why we have no option but to keep things organized and pared down.

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  • My Kitchen Aid Mixer is on my counter & we don't have a large kitchen the rest, we do have a good amount of cupboards but I did some major organizing to fit everything, including using space saving/organizational racks for baking items & griddle/casserole pans...What's your dining area like?  Could you store a few things in there in baskets/buffet/etc? Good Luck!!
  • Do you have the floor space in your kitchen for a small kitchen cart that has storage in it?  This is what I did in our last apartment before we bought our TH.  It had only 1 normal, decent sized cabinet and that had to store our plates.  I bought a kitchen cart/island that has 2 basket drawers for storage as well as room underneath.  In the apartment I kept my KA mixer on top and my KA food processor and other stuff on the bottom when not in use.

    In our TH I keep the mixer in our pantry and food processor in a cabinet when not in use.

  • Me too! With dish rack and coffee pot I bascially have one counter to work on! I have stuff that I get out in a useless cabinet that is next to the stove cannot see in easliy but its big with a small opening. I have stuff in a pantry top shelf and above the kitchen.
  • Try looking for other surfaces in your kitchen to utilize for organizing -

    Get a pot rack or a hanging organizer for pot lids

    Use a magnetic strip for knives instead of a knife block - ours hangs above the stove for easy access

    Hang hooks anywhere you can - we have some above the sink for extra pans and utensils

    If you have shallow shelving, stack cans and boxes of like foods

    Use ziplock bags to keep smaller items from getting lost in drawers

    Get rid of duplicates, or things you haven't used in the past 6 months. Store seasonal items (bakeware, roasters, holiday dishes) in plastic tubs in a basement/attic/under the bed


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