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Sore knees C25K W2D3

I could use some advice. My knees have been really sore for a few days. I took it easy for a few days to rest them and then did my W2D3 run tonight.

My knees were sore for most of the session, but not the whole time. I have new shoes that feel great, so I don't *think* the problem is my shoes. My first few runs I had no pain at all, so I don't know why now.

Any insight or suggestions?

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Re: Sore knees C25K W2D3

  • I had knee pain around the same time in the program and went to my doctor because even after I stopped the program the pain continued. Long story short I went to physical therapy because this seemed to be a chronic problem (which explains why I always quit exercising after a few weeks.)

    They said "you are weak as hell" and they gave me exercises to strenthen the muscles in my legs and keep my knee's more stable. I feel 150% better. Now I can run 3 miles without stopping, and I only started back in the beginning of June. I don't know if this helps you.  Hopefully your issue is temporary also, good luck!

  • I also had some soreness in the early weeks of C25K, and what really helped me was icing after each run, taking ibuprofen after each run, and resting for one full day in between each run.  I do agree that strengthening your quads and hamstrings could also help you out in the long run, but for now, my methods might work.  Once I got toward the end of week 3, it improved considerably.
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  • Any new activity, especially after being sedentary is going to cause soreness. If you are in pain, stop. If you are sore, take a rest day, stretch, take an easy walk and then start running again
  • I had this big time.  It hurt like hell to kneel down.  It went away somewhere along the line.  My guess is I just had weak muscles that needed strengthened.  I took an alleve morning and night and iced them after I ran.  That helped somewhat while the problem was persisting.

    DS has also just started running and his hurt.  Of course, because he is a man and men are big babies, mine never could have possibly hurt near as bad as his do (according to him).

    I think it is fairly normal if you are new to working out.

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  • Thanks for the responses! While I'm sorry to hear that you all had the same pain, it makes me feel better that I'm not alone!

    I'll ice today and run again tomorrow (I've been waiting 1-2 days between each run so I'll continue that). I'm not really new to working out, but it has been about 18 months since I've been dedicated and consistent.

    Thanks again :)

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  • When I started the C25K, it seemed like every run, a different part of my body hurt really badly. I think I was just in terrible shape. It does get better, promise. I'm still not where I want to be but it's getting easier. I've found it's better if I take at least a day off in between runs and stretch much longer than I think I have to, it really does help. Good luck!
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