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Sorry I'm late...Weekly Weight Loss Check In

Hey Ladies - How did you do this week?  I've included the list from last you post your weight loss I'll update the chart - Good Luck Ladies!!

Again feel free to share any tips, tricks, snacks or healthy habits you found useful this week.  

 Week 7 (April 22, 2011):

  • Jmkes - 2lbs lost, 10.8lbs to go
  • Catarntina - 10lbs lost, 20lbs to go
  • LindsMullinix - 8.1lbs lost, 7.9lbs to go
  • MissButters - 1.4lbs lost, 18.6lbs to go
  • Bellaxanthe - 4.5lbs lost, 20.5lbs to go
  • ScarlettDahlia - 5lbs lost, 35lbs to go
  • Baystateapple - 4lbs lost, 36lbs to go
  • Raangoli - 17lbs to go
  • Jnc1113 - 3lbs lost, 7lbs to go
  • Faithhopeinlove - Happily ?gaining? a baby


If you?d like to be added to the list either post below, or page me J

Re: Sorry I'm late...Weekly Weight Loss Check In

  • Grr.  Well, after gaining a pound from where I started, I officially joined Weight Watchers today.  Will welcome any tips!
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  • I'm abstaining this week, as we were out of town and all I did was eat fried and delicious nastiness.  I also skipped a couple days worth of exercise.  Lemme get myself back on track.  *sigh*  I looked so good in my swimsuit, too, the other day!  Oh well.  Tomorrow I get serious again!  Right now...I'm considering a late-night snack...  ;)
  • My schedule has been crazy these past 2 weeks.  But I did manage to make progress - no idea how since I've been too busy to keep track of my WW points.  Anyway, I made it to the 160 mark!  So that makes a total of 5.8 lbs lost and 7 more to go.

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  • Just for sake of being responsible, I've gained approximately 11 lbs. on average at almost 23 weeks :) 9-15 is normal so I'm on the right track for gaining a baby. woohoo! The belly is definitely growing too. My work shirt doesn't quite fit right anymore... I feel bad asking for a larger size, but I'll look real silly soon.
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