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Caught something someone dropped!

Newlyweds & step kids.....


Im soo depressed:'(

I need some advice.....I have been married for 4monthsn I have one child from a previous relationship. 3Weeks ago my H 3 oldest kids moved in with us for the rest of the school year n summer but now it is permanently....they mom lost her job n house all of sudden (its more complicated than that). Nway, we only have a 2bd apt n im stuck in a year lease. I was excited bout them coming but now my H n I might separate BC of the tense in the house with his kids n mine....the ages are 8(my son), 11boy,13 girl, 14 boy....we r not making enuff money right now BC gas is soo high n our grocery bill is like 400plus dollars. I have picked up a second job n my H works thru a temp service working 10hr shifts 6 days a week...he can't get hired in BC of his background. They take child support from him from his other two kids. We have alot of bills n it is becoming very stressful:'(.....i have gotten into with his kids bout them being mean ti my son n they attitude towards me.....i feel like im lose my marriage......

do anyone have step kids n how r u handling it....

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04-30-2011 at 1:42 PM
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julie324 is online. Last active: 04-30-2011, 1:06 PMBronze

I would post this on blended families which I believe is under the Bump.  You do realize, though, that it is normal for there to be an adjustment period, right?  The Brady Bunch was not real.  It sounds like your husband has a lot of baggage.  What is the deal with his other two kids?  If you repost try to use paragraphs and use and instead of n etcetera.


I am not sure why you would be with someoe who whines about child support.  Why did you not deal with these issues before you got married?  Why are you willing to give up on marriage so fast?

04-30-2011 at 2:06 PM
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reeseandmarcus is online. Last active: 04-30-2011, 1:03 PMNewbie

nevermind! Wrong forum.

Re: Caught something someone dropped!

  • Yeah, I could barely read that. 

    Doesn't sound like their marriage is going well, though.  

    Hope is not a strategy.
  • Sounds like she married a guy with 5 kids and a criminal record. 
  • Why would a woman with three kids support ever marry a man with five kids that can't get a permanent job BC of his background?

    They seem like the ghetto version of the Brady Bunch. What shenanigans will they get into this week?

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  • My heart breaks for those poor kids. They sure as hell didn't ask to be born into such a pathetic mess.
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  • I can't believe that she now has eight innocent kids trapped in this mess. Wow.

    Did she ever re-post it somewhere like the Blended Families?

  • Who knows what's on his record.

    It could have been something that happened years ago and when they ran a background check on the guy when he applied for a job, there it was.

    If that person's still lurking, try your local food pantry if you're having trouble feeding your kids on a fixed income.

    Sitting the kids down and reading them the riot act and setting rules for them to treat each other civilly will help, too.

  • This woman clearly stated that she has one child, so I'm not sure where you are getting that she has three.
  • N E 1 who got tho that is a mch btr person thn me.

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