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Yoga mat recommendations?

I'm looking at getting a new "good" yoga mat.  The one I have is starting to shred, and I want something that's a higher quality, but I don't want to spend $100+ for a mat right now.  Anyone have any suggestions that they specifically like?
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Re: Yoga mat recommendations?

  • I have a Jade Harmony and I really like it.  Jade has a few different thicknesses, each of which have pros and cons; thicker mats are cushier for your knees & wrists, but they can be harder to balance on for some poses.  

    Manduka is a good brand too, but a little more expensive.  Amazon had the best prices when I was looking.

    If you go to a studio regularly, ask instructors and other yogis for recommendations.  See if they mind letting you try their mat for a few minutes--just to do a downward facing dog and some easy poses so you can see how it feels.  If you're going to buy a nice mat, you might as well know that you're going to like it :)  

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  • Jade was what my one instructor suggested as well, and I've read some good reviews online.  I know my studio has them for sale, I think I'm going to check them out there. I'm sure I won't be able to try a brand new mat, but I can at least see how it feels in my hand.

    I definitely don't want to spend a large amount of money on something I don't like, good suggestion about seeing if I can "test drive" the mat from someone in class.

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  • I have a Jade too and love it!
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  • I recently bought a Manduka eKO and really like it. One side is spongy like a Jade Harmony and the other is more stiff. Its nice to have the option of flipping btwn the two sides depending on what sort of practice I'm doing. Before this, I had a Jade Harmony but it started to shred after 14 mo. A lot of people say Manduka Black Mat is the way to go but its really heavy and I'm trying to buy less PVC products. Amazon had the best price for the eKO when I was shopping.
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