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bedtime help!

Until now Ella has always gotten a bottle right before bed. Well once we were out of formula I said I'd switch to warm milk.

Well that leads us to tonight, she wanted NOTHING to do with the warm milk, Ella is NOT laying down she is in there flipping out I've gone in there 3x rocked her and then the min I lay her back in bed she instantly cries. Any ideas? Advice I feel like a bad mommy right now!!

Re: bedtime help!

  • My only advice is that she will figure it out, but might be a little pain until she does.  Fortunately C is okay with milk, but I think it helped she had tried her brother's sippy cups.  Could you put the milk in something else she likes to drink out of?
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  • Milk has significantly less calories than formula. She very well may be still hungry. You might try weaning her off the calorie needs by doing 1/3 milk with 2/3 formula for 2 nights, then 1/2 and 1/2, and then 1/3 formula with 2/3 milk before you go straight to milk. Their bodies get used to having calories at certain times and it takes a few days to change that.
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  • She gets regular milk throughout the day. I just think she isn't used to milk from a bottle. Has anyone tried the toddler or stage 2 formula?
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