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Clicky: DTD and AF

Re: Clicky: DTD and AF

  • Never. DH has said that he would be totally grossed out and I usually feel awful anyway.

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  • We did once, several years ago. It was DH's idea, and I think he was traumatized. It did feel good to me, but sort of weird... like tons-o-lube or something. And the clean up was so not worth it. Even in the shower I think it would be gross... water makes it seem like so much more blood.
  • We do not. Just never going to happen.

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  • That week is what DH refers to as Steak and Blowjob week, and I call Keep Dreaming week.  It is just too... eww.
  • We've done at the very end of AF when things were light.  That was mostly when we were in a very long distance relationship and we'd only see each other once a month.  We were more hard up for the sex then.  Now we avoid it during that time. 
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  • We usually will if we can swing a shower together which hasn't happened since Collin has been around.
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  • we have in the past. just put down an old towel and shower together pre and post. i find it enjoyable, DH thinks it's too wet. not long after we got married we stopped. DH has many more better opportunities now Stick out tongue
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