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My dogs love goldfish

My dogs come running when they hear the Goldfish container opening.

They love Cheez-Its too.


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Re: My dogs love goldfish

  • Who doesn't love Goldman and cheeze-its
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  • That is so cute.   I love goldfish too
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  • R thinks they are fantastic as well!
  • Haha. That's too cute. Fetch comes running when he hears me pop open his bottle of sedatives because he knows that he's getting a big spoonful of peanut butter.

    Also, if you ever want to laugh really hard, feed your dogs a spoonful of peanut butter. The way it gets stuck to their tongue is hilarious.

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  • My old cat (now passed) used to go nuts for Goldfish. She would take one, walk across the room to eat it, then she would come back for more.


    My siggy is broken. It has made me grumpy.
  • I thought you meant real goldfish and I was excited because mine do too. Well Sadie does at least. She really wants to channel her inner grizzly bear and catch a fish. So far no luck though.
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  • Lol.

    Napoleon is trying to watch his weight, so he's going for diet-friendly Sunchips. If we turn our back, the bag suddenly grows a cat butt and tail.

  • image MrsLynch0516:
    Who doesn't love Goldman and cheeze-its

    My thoughts exactly.

    [IMG] width="324", height="216"[/IMG] [IMG]"324", height="216"[/IMG]
  • Stac928Stac928 member
    cause they're so delicous
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  • Salty goes nuts for them too.  He likes animal crackers as well.  Its so funny. 
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