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So here's the background of the story...

 My mom had back surgery in January. AT first we were told that she might not be able to return to work or worse not be able to walk if things went terribly. Needless to say, everything went GREAT and she's back to work (she's an ER nurse).

Just recently she's started to joke with me about getting a tattoo to cover up her scar. I just don't think she'd ever do it unless she actually had some ideas that weren't that terrible.

Here are a few things to remember:

My mom is in her mid-50s, she wouldn't want something too tramp-stampy-ish. She loves gardening, being outside, camping, hiking, biking, music, sewing... I could go on.

I would love any ideas, pictures, links... I think it would be great for her to actually go through with this.


Re: Tattoo?

  • My mom got a tattoo for her 50th birthday with both my sister and I.  We all got matching tattoos (on our foot) but we did three butterflies with stars.  They are cute.  Each one of us got different colors (resembling things that are important to us) like my butterflies are my two cousins and nephews favorite colors then I got 6 stars and they are my dad, mom, brother, sister and husbands birthstone.  But super cute and not trampy at all.
  • She could do something symbolic and meaningful. Maybe something to represent healing from the surgery or illness or the battle she face with whatever condition it is she has/had. The website posted below has alphabetical lists of common tattoos and their meanings. You can also just Google specific flowers and their meanings to see what you might come up with. -- This one has common flowers and their meanings as well. 


    Daisypath Wedding tickers
  • I've heard it was really painful to tattoo over scar tissue.

    I got something to commemorate (is that the right word?!) my brain surgeries. Two fall leaves and a brain tumor ribbon. It means something to me - even though I know some people think it's silly.  

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  • Personally, I would love the idea if you could tattoo over a large scar.

    I had surgery to repair a torn abductor tendon in my hip in January and the scar is about 5 inches long.   I checked and was told that the tattoo wouldn't be even over scar tissue and that it would be very, very painful.


    Good luck to your mom!

  • I don't know about the pain factor, but it IS possible to tattoo over a scar. However, you should wait a LONG time before getting one, to make sure the tissue is fully healed from the surgery. I'd wait at least a year, if not a bit longer. Getting one now would be way too soon.
  • My scalp scar tissue is still sensitive, 2.5 years later. I would not tattoo over my scar tissue -- maybe back scarring is very different. But I can't imagine! Touching it still makes me cringe at times.
    74 books read in 2011
  • My mum got her first tattoo when I got my second piercing, I think she was 54 or 55. It's a hummingbird, and super cute. She later got a flower near it, that it looks like it might drink out of. Her third tat is a little green tree frog clinging to her shoulder. They're all very cute and tasteful. So yeah, I'd say something floral would be pretty since she likes gardening. The best advice is to find a tattoo artist whose work you like and personality is fun to you, then talk to them about what you should get. They're total pros at figuring out what would work best--to begin with, covering up scars is HARD, because they can often mar the work surface. Good luck! I'm sure she'll find something great, if this is what she wants.
  • I have a lot of tattoos, so does my mom.  Anything that is important to her can make a great tattoo.  My mom got a rose done over the C-section scar from me and my brother's births, which was a large area (navel down) It looks great and is very even.  The best advice I can give though is think about the what of it for a year minimum, and research everything you can on regulations in your area before she does it.  There are many wonderful tattoists out there, but there are also lots of shady ones.   Good luck to her on this adventure.  
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