October 2009 Weddings
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What were you doing?

Stolen from another board, but I thought it was cute...

Right now, it's 9:53pm in London, and Kate is probably in bed trying to fall asleep before her big day. Now, I'm not a royals freak or anything, but I can't help but be excited for her, knowing how I felt the night before my wedding.

What were you doing at 9:53 pm the night before your wedding?

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Re: What were you doing?

  • I was probably still at our rehearsal dinner, or making my way back to the hotel.  It was my uncle's 50th birthday that night, so my parents got us together for a few minutes to give him a bday gift at the hotel.
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  • I think I was drinking beer and carving pumpkins with The Mr and my sister in my parents basement. Good times.
  • 31 years ago...listening to my parents argue.  In our small 3 bedroom house were my parents, brother, sister, and I, my dad's mom and aunt, my mom's mom and my mom's dad...who had not seen each other since they got divorced in like 1948.  AWESOME.  The grandparents were arguing about who was going to sit closer to me, and was therefore more important.  At one point, I told them all to stay home if they were going to act like children.  That did not go well.....

    In 2009 for Heather's wedding...I was with my daughter in her room making sure she had everything packed and talking.  I'm no dummy...we made people stay at hotels.  I wasn't going to do THAT kind of nightmare again!

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  • I was at our After Rehearsal Dinner Party with all of our out of town friends who couldn't make it to the Rehearsal Dinner proper.  We hadn't seen many of them in ages and it was so, so nice to catch up with them.
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  • Hmmm, that late in the evening I think we were either just wrapping up at the rehearsal dinner and headed back home or already home & getting last minute things together to get to bed early.

    We had a very small wedding, and an even smaller RD so there was no big hoopla the night before.  I want to say that H's bm and his wife stayed at our house b/c it was closer & made the most sense.  Our house is huge enough that I didn't really notice.  I went to bed semi early b/c I knew I was getting up super early for my hair & makeup appt.

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  • Either on my way home from our RD (don't remember what time it was over) or sitting at home, by myself, catching up on my DVR's shows I didn't have time for that whole week & feeling totally relaxed that everything was done & ready!!
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  • I was probably giving the hotel events coordinator last minute instructions on the set up of the reception hall and just trying to soak in that I was getting married the next day! Big Smile
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  • I was most certainly still at the RD.  My family members are party animals!
  • We were still at the RH dinner drinking and eating. We had about 40 people at our RH (lots of out of town guests)! We closed down the restaurant and then my bridesmaids and myself went back to our hotel room for more champagne and girl talk. :) such a fun night.
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  • I was in our GIANT hotel suite (we got a free upgrade!), with my mom, sister, and best friend just relaxing and watching tv.
  • Oh, I love this.  Smile

    We had our rehearsal two days before so the night before was prep night.  Around that time, I was getting ready to head home after finishing up bouquets, our vegeterian dish, and some other food item that I can't for the life of me remember right now at my parent's house. 

    I went home to a living room with flower petals leading to the fireplace with a bouquet of giant dark pink roses and a note that said 1 DAY!  And I couldn't believe he was STILL trying to surprise me like that.  Smile  What a good memory to start off the morning.     

  • We were all at my mom and dads house eating, drinking and having a good time.
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  • I had probably just gotten home from the RD where I anxiously waited for soon to be DH to call me to let me know he had gotten home (he stayed after the dinner with his family from out of state and had a "few")

    He called.....at 3am when his phone finally turned on from being charged...and when he woke up and realized he had yet to call...and yes I was up until 3 stressed out!  I passed out as soon as I heard he was safe and sound!

  • I was probably crying because I didn't want DH to go stay at the hotel with his brother...I wanted him to stay at my parent's house with me!

    Ultimately, DH decided to just stay with me because that is where he really wanted to be. We felt guilty until my parents started laughing at us and told us that my mom had had the same freak out the night before their wedding and they spent the night together, too. Since they have been married more than 30 years we figured it wouldn't be the demise of our relationship. So far so good :).

  • In my hotel room, really annoyed that my friends didn't do anything fun for me, and DH's friends wives had been boring, so I came back early. Minutes later, DH will call me to say he's down in the casino playing craps, and I'll race down in my jammies to join him!
  • Hmmm....well, I was either on my way home from a suddenly VERY expanded rehearsal dinner or scrambling to finish stuff up for the next day. Dinner was supposed to be the two of us and our parents - since we did not have an actual  rehearsal until about 15 minutes before the real ceremony on the day of the wedding, it didn't make sense to plan a big one.  Instead, we ended up with about 20 people join us for sushi and hibachi...so much for parents meeting each other in peace!

    This outing was followed by an all nighter doing last minute stuff, making bouquets, packing, doing all sorts of odds and ends.  I had been informed at abour 4 pm that the owner of the venue would not be able to be there to co-ordinate the wedding day, so I was in super damage control/prevention mode :) We also had a massive houseful of out of towners, so there was quite a bit of playing hostess in there as well.  I have no idea what time everything went down that day - it was one big chaotic mess of crazy! I do know the thought of sleep never entered the equation though!

  • Definitely still at the afterparty from our Rehearsal Dinner! A bunch of friends and family that weren't at the Rehearsal Dinner came over to the bar afterwards. We drank way too much wine and had a blast!
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