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Ok...who got up at 4 am??

I was up at 430 when DH left for work. I stayed up until they said their vows then went back to bed.

Thoughts on it all?

I Looooved her dress! I loved that it was still somewhat ballgown, but not huge. I also usually hate lace and veils but she made it work good. I was suprised though that her train wasn't longer. But loved the length she had.  Her sister (I believe its her sister who walked with the flower girls, right?) looked amazing too.

WTF is up with the hats though?



Re: Ok...who got up at 4 am??

  • The hat on the right was my favorite :)

     I loved her dress.  I think it was perfect---modest and beautiful.

    I was awake anyway so I totally watched.  It's one of those random things though that take me back to the question of why the hell do I not move to Europe (to stay this time).


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  • DH was sick last night so I slept on the couch and for some reason woke up exactly at 5:00 a.m. and turned it on, just in time to see her dad walking her up the stairs into the church so I watched.  I think she looked amazing!

    Those two above  And the one on the right was sitting directly behind the Queen so everytime they showed her all you saw was that hat!  LOL!  I'm surprised they didn't make her take it off.  :)

  • I caught the moments from when she was in the car to just after the vows.  Her dress is gorgeous!  I think it's the perfect balance between young and modern and modest.  The bodice and her veil were my favorites.

    Pippa's dress was also very pretty!

  • I agree with Robyn, it made me really miss London!  I LOVED the dress!  The first kiss on the balcony was kind of lame, but the second one was better.  Those hats!!  Funny stuff! 

    Although they are both cuties, I definately think Harry is hotter!

  • I watched it on DVR as soon as the boys woke up.  I loved it!  Especially the part where her sister walked up the car to meet her.  Sniff, I bawled.  Then I had to text my own sister in NYC and tell her I missed her.


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  • I was planning on it, but when my alarm went off I chose to sleep. I did record it though and just started the recording. Between listening to the Children's Hospital Radiothon and this I'm sure my face will be a puffy mess.
  • I was up to feed Lyra but did not turn on the tv. I was way to tired.
  • We have our tv set to turn the news on around 5:30am and I usually sleep through it, but this morning Elsie decided to climb into bed so we watched the last part of the wedding together.

    Her dress was beautiful.

    And now Elsie wants to go visit the princess.  ;-)

  • I woke up at 4 and watched until they walked back to sign the marriage certificate.  Took a nap and up again for the kiss.  Then rewatched the parts that I missed.

    Loved her dress!  Both boys were dashing.

    Fergie's daughter with the bow like hat looks ridiculous!  Both of the girls look sorta like Cinderella's stepsisters.  I could see them trumping into the castle with their butts held high with their two hats.

  • I did!  So glad I did, too.  Beautiful ceremony!
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