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Dogs & destructive chewing?

HELP!  We have an almost 8 year old lab who has never chewed anything until I got pregnant. No shoes, furniture etc as a puppy. Nothing. We have always said that we were lucky when friends would be replacing their shoes or couches :)

Well, her chewing started a few months ago with obvious things - we would leave a snack (chips/candy) in a bag on the coffee table and would come home to a shreaded bag & no more snack. Ok, I get this. We don't leave snacks out. It progressed to my office trashcan - she is locked in the office overnight...usually when there were food wrappers in the trash. Ok, annoying, but I can see the temptation.

Last night, I heard her in my office and opened the door to find her chewing thru a roll of scotch tape and having already destroyed some index cards and stickers that were in a basket on the floor. Tonight, I came in the office to get something and found that she had taken my Hobo wallet off my desk and chewed up receipts, an entire checkbook and some bills that were stuck inside!!!! If she would have gotten the wallet itself, I would have come unglued on herass.

Any suggestions - short of crating her at night - to curb this behavior? She clearly knows that she's in trouble, she sulks & hides when we find the messes. Last night is the first time that I have actually caught her...she got lots of reprimands but what else can I do?????????

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Re: Dogs & destructive chewing?

  • Since it just started, have you taken her to the vet lately? It could possibly be a tooth problem.
  • I would make sure that the dog had something special at night or when you are gone that's just for her/him. Like a frozen kong. Something that focuses the chewing on something that it's ok for the dog to have and make sure the dog is getting enough exercise. A tired dog is a happy dog!
    Our Fur-babies!
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