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Twins' birthday gifts

My niece and nephew turned 1 recently and their party is tomorrow. I have an idea of a gift but do I buy 2 gifts or just one that they are going to share. i know my sister is kinda keen on of course space (they have plenty but I think she thinks that if every birthday they each get a gift it's gonna get crazy). Of course as they get older and realize it's their birthdays and get presents they will each get one but for their first birthday is it okay to just do one present total?


Re: Twins' birthday gifts

  • I would lean toward 2 gifts, but thinking about it from a toy craziness/space issue, maybe you could do one gift that they can share, i.e., some sort of age appropriate toy.  Then also do a small gift for each of them? I just think each one should always be separately recognized on their birthday.
  • Knowing your sister I'm sure she would appreciate one gift, something larger that they can easily share and play with together.  Normally I would say 2 kids, 2 gifts since they are their own people BUT your sister is very level headed (read: not the crazy type) and I think one gift is the way to go in this situation.

  • Books for each of them, won't take up too much space
  • I'd say one gift to share at this age.  But something they can both play with at the same time.  Like a water table or something. We have some fun big stuff they can ride, but it's draaaama when they both want to play with it.  The more sides to soemthing, the better!
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