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*Kenna & Diane*

Kenna - I'm not sure if you will open the "what are you reading" post again since you already contributed, but I am really curious about this...to the point that it was worth making a new post over it!

Will you let us know about this when you have a chance? 


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"The Lost Dogs" by Jim Gorant - it's the story of the rescuing of the pitbulls that were taken when they broke up NFL-player Michael Vick's dog-fighting kennel. It was really well done...



I've not heard of this one...

Can you for a minute pretend you own a pit bull and tell me if it is totally heart breaking?  Like would you be able to get through a page without sobbing?

I'm always intrigued by the success stories of the dogs that were rescued from Vick's "kennel" but when I run across stories about dogs like Georgia (not sure if she was mentioned in the book, but she's the one whose story broke my heart the most, and left a mark in my memory), I often can't read anymore. 

Just curious if this book would do the same, or if I could actually get through it.



I heard a lot of people recommend this book. But they mentioned that there's a section of it where he talks about how Vick was killing the dogs (who lost the fights). I don't think I can ever bring myself to read it without crying for days about it. So I'm curious what you think about the book, and if it hard to read too?

Megan & Chris

Re: *Kenna & Diane*

  • DyorkDyork member
    Fifth Anniversary Combo Breaker

    Yeah Kenna the pibble owners need to know!!!

    I really am curious to see if I can make it through the book, and what you thought about it.

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  • There were parts that made my stomach clench due to the violence - I mean, these poor dogs were being killed (in horrible ways) for not being aggressive enough??? The way it's written isn't as graphic as it could be - and was something I could handle.

    I BAWL every time I read "Where the Red Fern Grows" and several other books if animal cruelty/death is involved. Heck, I bawled reading Wesley the Owl (a biography about a research barn owl) and Alex the Parrot (biography of a language/cognition studies Grey Amazon parrot); I did get a bit teary once towards the end, but the book is overwhelmingly positive.

    Spoiler-ish alert:


    One thing that would have been good for me to go into it is that they were able to save over 90% of the dogs that were confiscated. They thought it's be successful if they could rehab 5 of the 50 dogs, but they were able to save 47 of them. Knowing it was successful would have helped my anxiety level while reading....

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  • Thank you!  Maybe (maybe!) I'll try to read it. 

    And, yeah, it's pretty unbelievable how many of those dogs were able to be rehabilitated after the things they went through.  I'm sure that many of them are still dog aggressive, but the fact that they still trust humans after those experiences is amazing! 

    I say this all the time but they're just such an awesome breed. 

    Megan & Chris
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