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stray cat advice

Behind our condo building is a greenery row with bushes, trees, etc. that completely fence us off from a neighborhood behind us.

A couple summers ago some kittens were born in the bushes to a cat that didn't belong to our complex.  Most of the kittens are gone, but there are two (now cats) that are living in those bushes.  We were super creative at naming them:  white with orange and poofy fur. 

I put food out and we have a "cat house" that my husband built for on of our kitties that is an indoor/outdoor kitty, and one of them sleeps in that occasionally.  White with orange was a wanderer and just recently started coming around again.  He is skinny and is always itching and cleaning, but otherwise seems in pretty good health.  Poofy fur use to be what we would call our "outdoor kitty."  He was always around.  Then about a year ago, he basically disappeared.  He showed back up recently and I was happy to see that he hadn't gotten sick and died somewhere, but what I did see is a giant gouge behind his ear.  It's a bloody, raw area about 1.5 inches around.  :(

I have called the humane society and they won't come get them.  They are feral cats so they cannot be caught by me to take them to the humane society or even a vet.  It hurts my heart so bad to see him like that. I mean, really even if it was infected really bad or whatever and they had to put him down, that would be better than him just eventually suffering and dying in the bushes.

What should I do?

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Re: stray cat advice

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