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iPhone/Car Question

Is there anything accesory that I can buy for my iphone so I can listen to my music in my car? Or even listen to Pandora?

Dh and I are going on a road trip and it would be very helpful on our trip!


Re: iPhone/Car Question

  • What kind of car do you drive? Does it have an auxiliary input (looks like a headphone plug) or a usb input somewhere? DH's Highlander has the aux input so we hook up the iphone that way. My Prius is older and I still have a cassette deck in my car, so I bought a little cassette tape that has a small aux plug coming out of it.

    You can also buy an FM accessory for the iphone for wireless transmission to your radio. 

  • Like pp said, most newer cars have auxiliary inputs or USB ports.  My new Outback has the former.  You just buy a cable at Radio Shack to connect the iPod.  If not, radio transceiver is probably the way to go.  Although they're basically phasing the out.  And they can be pretty fussy about reception.
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  • Like PPs said, if your car stereo has an auxiliary input, that is the easiest solution.  Check the user manual; we bought our stereo about five years ago, and it had one; we just had to install a cable (DH DIY'd it, but the stereo installers said they could do it).

    I had terrible luck with the FM transmitter; if your car stereo has a tape deck, the cassette-style set-ups work pretty well.  That's what we use in our other car, and my brother has one too, and we have had great success.

  • We keep an FM transmitter around because we use it with rental cars.  I've actually seen them more recently, targeted specifically at the travel market!  If you go this route, look for one that has digital tuning, so that it's easy to switch the station it's broadcasting on when you start to get interference (definitely a must on a long road trip where the surrounding stations are changing)!  Also look at the broadcast range.  Especially if your car has the antenna mounted towards the rear, you'll want a decent range so that you can pick up the signal.  And lastly, look at the power options.  The transmitter usually needs its own power, and in some cases that means you can only plug in the transmitter or the iPhone charger, but not both!  Some are designed so that you can charge at the same time, which is a big plus (usually they have a little USB power port built into the power adapter).

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