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Hollerrrrr. Hoping for an early dismissal.

I'd also like a donut.

Last night I came home and let the dogs out, picked books up at the library, and met mfd at uno. A part of our check was donated to Relay For Life.

After that we went to Lowe's and got grass seed and potting mix. I also got some petunias for the small bed in front of the bushes. He got these (I think) ugly bulbs to go next to the spring flowers on the inside so they come up next. No impatiens out yet, that's what I usually plant out back. I also got some more irish moss out back for the bare grass areas.

He went home and I went to Giant. I just need to do a small shopping next week along with Produce Junction for the RWP. And the liquor store maybe.

When I got home we watched The Office, Parks and Recreation, and 30 Rock. I went to bed around 11:15. Tired today.



Re: TGIGoodF

  • Yay for Friday! I have a 4 day weekend. Well sorta have to work my other job tomorrow but that doesn;t really count.

    Sunday I am cooking Easter for Greg and probably 1 other friend. I have never cooked a ham before so I don't really know what to do. Or what kinda ham I should buy? Any idea ladies? Can I buy the shank (i think thats what it is called?)

    Tuesday we go to our first baby doctor appointmentSmile We actually get to see the little blueberry so I am very excited!

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  • xtine--trader joes has a good ham around this time of the year, really easy to make, you basically reheat it!

    i am super busy today, a little bummed because i did not really run at all this week (catching up from traveling!)  and today is weigh in day and i am sure i gained.  at least i know i did, i am just hoping it is no more than a pound.

    cannot wait for 4 today.  going to the booze store, then ww, then making dinner with my honey, early to bed, and a weekend of really doing nothing.  dinner with our families, a long run, some shopping and cleaning...glory be! 

  • image shauni27:

    xtine--trader joes has a good ham around this time of the year, really easy to make, you basically reheat it!

    We have no trader joesCrying I have heard wonderful things about that store but have never been

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  • image Xtine22:
    image shauni27:

    xtine--trader joes has a good ham around this time of the year, really easy to make, you basically reheat it!

    We have no trader joesCrying I have heard wonderful things about that store but have never been

    I love trader joes! And everything is so inexpensive compared to a place like Whole Foods. 

    As for the weekend tomorrow we are driving down to NJ to spend the day with DH's family. Should be fun, except for the fact that his sisters kids are the cutest damn kids in the world,and I have raging baby fever. I know we realistically have to wait but I don't want to!

     Sunday morning is my mom's birthday (as well as Easter), so we will be visiting her, and then Sunday evening we will be having my family over for dinner. Busy weekend but it should be a good one.

  • Yay for Friday!! 

    Yesterday I was home from class at 12 so I did school work (and ordered 2 more dresses online Surprise) until DH came home.  We actually braved grilling burgers yesterday in the hurricane strength wind we had - but the burgers were sooo good!

    We have also been watching The Wire (old HBO) have any of you seen it? It's so stinkin good - we are both obsessed with it!

    Today is full of reading for my tax law class - with I"m sure more wire!  I also need some easy dinner ideas for tonight - anyone?!

    This weekend DH is on service so he's pretty much out for anything fun, a little shopping and I think that might be the whole weekend! No Easter dinner for us - my family is all in upstate NY and DH is Jewish - maybe we'll meet his dad for chinese lol.

  • Morning all. No school today, so I'm home. Doing some cleaning and stuff since it's rainy and I have to work my waitress job at 5 tonight. Then tmw will be basically just work too waitressing 12-9. We are hosting Easter Sunday for 8 adults and 3 kids, including an egg hunt as long as the weather works for us. *sigh* It's sort of a big deal for me. Also kind of pissed b/c we won't be reimbursed for our furnace issue ($281) from our insurance since or deductible is $500. :( Well, I better get of my bootay and get something done.
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  • Christine - I prefer boneless cooked ham. Most ham is already cooked so you are just reheating it or adding a glaze or sauce type of stuff. Ham is super easy.

    Yay first baby doc appointment!

  • Happy Friday!  It's Friday, I just got free coffee from Starbucks and it's pay's going to be a good day.

    No major plans for the weekend.  I'm going to Kohls tonight to use my new Kohls card, 15% off pass and $10 gift card, in effort to get all my Mother's Day shopping done.  Tomorrow is Old Navy's $6 bottoms day so I plan on getting their early so I can get myself and Rich some new pants.

    Sunday we hope to bbq.  I want to make PW's pasta salad (clicky) but with cooked zucchini because Rich doesn't like raw zucchini.  I'm also making carrot cupcakes with a cream cheese whipped cream.  We'll probably grill some chicken and some hot dogs.  Nothing huge, but enough for 12 of us.

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  • image Xtine22:
    image shauni27:

    xtine--trader joes has a good ham around this time of the year, really easy to make, you basically reheat it!

    We have no trader joesCrying I have heard wonderful things about that store but have never been

    Have you tried Safeway?  They have a good spiral ham with a glaze.  It's what we get every year for Thanksgiving.

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  • Yay Friday!

    I did a ton of homework last night and collapsed into bed around 10:30 but I still had a really hard time waking up this morning. Yesterday felt like Friday to me. I'm leaving work today somewhere between 12 and 2. I really hope Tom & I can get to the grocery store to pick up everything we need for Easter without a ton of people there. 

    I don't have to be back at work until Tuesday. I'm sure I'm going to end up spending Monday doing even more homework instead of relaxing, but oh well. I'm starting to think I'm crazy with the amount of food I'm cooking for Easter, but I'm sure it will all get done somehow. 

     Xtine - I usually buy one the precooked boneless hams. We always cooked(reheated) them in a little bit on pineapple juice mixed with brown sugar and decorated them with pineapple slices and maraschino cherries. I made a brown sugar and spicy mustard rub for the last one we had. It was pretty tasty. Here's the recipe:

  • Happy Friday!!  Why do the short weeks (I had Monday off) always seem like they are twice as long as regular weeks?

    Last night I did go to the mall to make one last quick dress shopping trip.  I did not find anything I liked better, so hemming the dress I already bought it is.  I have an appointment tomorrow with the same lady who did my wedding dress to get measurements. 

    Got home, cooked some yummy swordfish on the grill for dinner (try drizzling a swordfish steak with lemon juice, spread both sides with a THIN layer of mayonaise, then coat in breadcrumbs and add some garlic powder if you like, and just toss on the grill for about 5 min each side) then worked out for an hour and watched comedy night (Community, Parks and Rec, Office, 30 Rock).

    This weekend I will be making a couple appetizers to bring to Easter dinner with the family on Sunday so I need to go grocery shopping at some point.  Then it'll be the usual laundry, cleaning, etc.

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  • I'm happy it's Friday, but I'm not too thrilled about the weekend. H and I aren't religious people. My family is crazy Catholic, so of course they're getting together for Easter. I was going to skip it this year, but the whole mess with my g'ma happened and she's still not 100% recovered from her surgery and I haven't seen most of my cousins and uncles since the wedding, so H and I are going down. I am absolutely dreading it. And yesterday, my mother texted me from my dad's phone passive aggressively chewing me out for not calling my grandfather (who, btw, sexually harassed multiple servers at my wedding and has cheated on my g'ma a bunch of times and used to try and get my friends to sit on his lap when we were 13, among a million other things) on his birthday or calling my g'ma after her surgery and that our family was falling apart. First of all, fcuk g'pa. Second of all, I did call my gma. Twice. I sent a text back (assuming it was my mother because the text was nearly unreadable and my dad is quite eloquent, even via text) saying "Never speak to me that way again. Thank you." My dad called me about an hour later apologizing and explaining it wasn't him. Mother used to do this *** to me during college (call me using his phone because I wouldn't pick up if she called) and I told him to keep a better eye on his phone.

    I get all kinds of twisted just thinking about going down there. Sorry about being such a downer. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

    (An unmatched left parenthesis creates an unresolved tension that will stay with you all day.

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  • Happy Friday all!

    Yesterday both Jeff and I got home early-ish so we were able to go 'running' together at the gym.  Last night I made paella and was excited to see that it's amazingly low-calorie, so rather than save some for lunch, Jeff and I split the whole batch.  I was still short on calories for the day, though, because I didn't have snacks at work.  We watched Jeopardy! and played Mario Kart Wii with my sister via the interwebs, which makes me feel like a better sibling so that's good.

    Today I decided to make a 'fancy' breakfast for us (eggbeaters on an English muffin) and that made me run a little late, plus the subway was at least 20 minutes behind schedule.  So that sucked.  But my boss isn't here, or really anyone else on my side of the lab, and I'm on the computer all day making figures so I'll be stopping in periodically!

    This weekend we're going to the outlet mall nearby because Jeff needs some fishing stuff and I need a new iPod.  No other plans for the weekend.

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  • QoA, I'd be all balled up about this weekend too. What a crappy text. Hang in there!
  • mushEmushE member
    Fourth Anniversary

    QoA, that stinks, I'm sorry you're going through that.  I had (he passed away) a not so awesome grandfather myself, so I totally know where you're coming from.  My sister would give me grief about not writing him, but at the same time he sent her $10k for her kids' college (with which she paid off her credit cards - yes, she sucks all around), he said he wouldn't help me with law school because my boyfriend at the time is Chinese.  Jerk. 

    Xtine - I'm so jealous you get to see your blueberry soon!  I had my first appointment with my OB this morning, but just with the nurse.  They don't do an ultrasound until week 10-12 (mine's scheduled for week 11) for low-risk patients.  Boo.  I'll just feel better once I can see the little peanut. 

    H and I went to dinner last night with some of his co-workers, which was nice.  One girl just moved here from England, and the other guy is returning to England soon after a short (3 mo) assignment here.  It was kind of cool, the mayor of the city and his wife (maybe still fiancee?) and their families were also eating at the restaurant.  The wife is Michelle Rhee, who was featured in Waiting for Superman. 

  • Yay, the weekend is around the corner. yesterday at work so so damn crazy but I made it home in time to take or dog to a training session, made dinner and then relaxed. Today is working from home (only a few more hours), already went for a run and then braving the grocery store since we're out of some stuff in the kitchen and bbq-ing tomorrow. BIL #2 is helping James cut down part of the tree that is in our front yard tomorrow. Sunday, I think the 3 of us (me, H and the dog) are going for a hike, hopefully Allie does not get any ticks this time.
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