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its quiet.... lets check-in

It's been so quiet on this board lately, which must mean that everyone is really busy  :o)  I thought it might be a good chance for everyone to check in and let others know how they are doing!!  does anyone have any exciting plans for this spring (or summer)?

 missing all of you girls!!

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Re: its quiet.... lets check-in

  • I will start  ;o)  Nothing is all that new in our world.  We are enjoying our last few days of nice weather before the summer hits full force in AZ.  I was skyp'ing with my in-laws last night (who live in Oregon) and they were in sweatshirts and had jackets on - we were wearing tank tops, shorts and flip flops!!  My cousin, who is like a brother to me, got married two weeks ago.  It was an absolutely beautiful wedding in her parents back yard (check out the pics at https://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=32997344401&aid=338371) - but continued to reinforce the fact that a destination wedding in Hawaii was perfect for us.  Our wedding was so stress free, and I loved that we got to really share in some special moments with our closest family and friends!!!

    My husband is in school - hopefully he will be done in December 2011 - working on his Masters degree.  I feel like I hardly see him anymore since he is always studying, but I am so thankful for all that he is doing for our future!!

    My in-laws are coming to visit on Thursday, so we have been busy cleaning up the house and getting ready!!  In the mean time we are continuing to focus on paying of debt in anyway possible before TTC.

     How are you all doing?

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  • Hello! Yes, the boards are very quiet these days.

    Let's see... I became an Aunt for the first time in January and I finally got to meet my nephew on the weekend.

    I started volunteering. I've been looking for work since Sept., and I had been putting off volunteering because I was sure I would find a job "any day now". Well, I don't think that's going to happen any time soon, so volunteering it is.

    I have 3 new cavities.

    I'm going to DC, NY, and PA this summer as a chaperone for DH's school trip (he's a teacher). I think that's it. I'm looking forward to reading what all the other ladies are up to! Smile

  • Welp, I had gotten laid off in February...then my hubbers got laid off in March. :(  Yeah...it's been difficult for us..oh and did I mention we're in the midst of adopting too. blah! Speaking of adoption, we had to switch programs, so istead of adopting from the Philippines, we're now adopting from Korea.

    On a good note, I am starting a temporary 12 week position in Arlington, VA. But that also means I need to find a place to rent out for 12 weeks, since communting from PA is not logical. Also means I'll be able to pay my bills and save some $$!! Yay!

    Yup, that's my life in a nutshell. I can't afford to do anything else. LoL.

  •  ldanzr, ohhh that wedding is beautiful!
  • image marikoono:
     ldanzr, ohhh that wedding is beautiful!

     Her dress is gorgeous!!

  • We have been crazy busy.

    I spent most of last fall/winter preparing and applying to graduate nursing school. I got interviews at all the schools, but didn't get into my first choice. So, I decided to try another year before I make a huge drastic change (for the program I'm applying, there's only one here in OR, one in WA, and three in CA. If I went out-of-state, MH would stay here in our home town and the program is 2.5 yrs long). 

    Since I didn't get into the program that's here in town, I have been working to improve my GPA (taking additional science classes). I'm still working FT at the hospital. And I watch my little niece once a week.

    I'm also still playing w/the idea of heading to get my photography/graphic degree instead of doing all this grad stuff. I love taking photos and I've done two different shoots in the past month.

    We did go on vacay to MX for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It was awesome and so nice to get some sun! Although, I must say, I had thoughts of Hawaii while I was there and am sad that we will not be visiting this year. 

    I agree w/the quiet board. Seems like most of the nesties moved onto the bumpie board. Makes sense since they're all have cutie kids to chat about! But I do miss everyone very much! :T 

  • Hi ladies!  Yes, it has been very quiet here!  I started a new job a few months ago after being laid off and unemployed since last May.  For those still looking for a job...hang in there!  It is tough out there right now.  I'm hoping that things get better soon.

    Now that I'm working again, we've restarted our home search, but it is just so expensive here in Hawaii.  Not feeling optimistic on finding anything within our budget...  :(

    Nothing else exciting going on, but nice to hear from others! 

  • DH and I are doing well... he is considering going full-time with one of his jobs, starting in the summer, and not going with the DOE anymore (he's a teaching assistant and they cut his pay in half this year, so lame). I am hoping he does it because it's more $ for now. He's kinda waffling with going back to school to get his master's too. Bah!

    I am going to start looking for a new job in May or June. I wanted to give myself one year at my current job so it would look good on my resume. Yes, I am thankful to have a steady job that is close to home, but the pay is just "ok" for the skills I have and I am not feeling challenged at all! So I need to do something about so I don't get stuck in a rut. Hopefully something is out there.

     We aren't planning on traveling this summer, but we are saving up for an anniversary trip to Kauai in October. I can't wait! We bought a car for me in February so everything we have right now is going to pay it off in under two years.

     I'm hoping that my BFF and one of my roommates comes out to visit in August. I miss them both so much! I don't want to get excited until the airline tickets are bought though!

     I am very excited for May and June because I am doing cakes/cupcakes for three weddings! And two of them are people I don't know, so it is more of a challenge to be professional and up on my game. And I can charge them a little more for it too since they aren't my friends :) woot!

    Jaymers I totally feel you on the house buying here. I told DH that we'll probably have kids before we own a house, and that is fine with us. Although it's not "the dream" to be living in apartments/rentals for forever, I don't want to be an old mom! And people make it work. So the dream of a house is a long ways off for us! 




  • Not much is going on here... kind of the same old. DH got a new job and absolutely loves it. It has become wife #1, for sure. I'm glad he's finally enjoying what he's doing, though.

    Baby-O is growing and growing and learning to kick MUUUCCHHH more. Sometimes I'll be having a convo, and he'll kick fairly hard and startle me and my voice will get SUPER loud on one syllable. It's kind of embarrassing.

    Other than that, we're just hanging out, prepping for his arrival. Debating whether or not to take a babymoon... but daycare costs are just too scary! But we did buy tickets to go home to HI for a good 3 weeks during the holidays :)

    Sounds like everyone else is doing well! Glad to hear Smile


    ETA: this is caiandcullen Smile


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  • Cai - its been so long since i've been on the board.  I think I knew you were expecting from facebook - but i've never said congratulations!!  Wishing you and your fabulous hubby all the best during this very fun time  :o)
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  • aww, this is super belated because I'm not on here much - but thank you!! Smile
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