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Sunday or Thursday party?

Backstory - I was in the cast of a stage musical last month and the DVD of our performance will be distributed in May to people who purchased it.  I want to have "Cast Reunion/DVD Release Party." 

So the month of May is ridiculously busy for some reason.  I have big out of town plans every weekend.  (Which is weird since usually we have NOTHING going on.)  I don't want to postpone the party until June because then the fun of seeing the DVD together right when it comes out will be moot.  But, Friday and Saturday might be out for party nights. The cast is 35 people of varying ages between 14-60.  Most of the cast is around 25 years old.  I'm planning on having tons of food and drinks, playing the DVD for people who care to watch, and having a bonfire in the backyard. 

So, would having the party on a Thursday or Sunday evening (7:00 pm - 11:00) be okay?  If so, which day do you think would be better?  Or should I just chuck this idea?  I feel like we had rehearsals 5 nights a week from 7:00-10:00, so these are people who are used to being out on a weeknight....



Re: Sunday or Thursday party?

  • Is there a reason you couldn't do a Sunday from 4-8?
  • imagecasmgn:
    Is there a reason you couldn't do a Sunday from 4-8?


    I like this idea.  I wouldn't stay at a party until 11pm unless it was Friday or Saturday.  However, I have a Mon-Fri, 8-5 job.  It sounds like the people who would be coming may not have that schedule... if so, then I'd lean towards Thursday.  Sunday nights just don't seem like a party night to me.

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  • Thursday, regardless of what time. It extends my weekend instead of abbreviating it :)
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  • any party on weekdays is awesome...it good to have fun on weekdays :)
  • I'd prefer to go to a nighttime party on a Thursday
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  • Thanks for the opinions!  I like the suggestion of having it earlier if I decide to go with Sunday - 11 pm is too late for a Sunday, you guys are so right.  But Thursday seems like a more fun day to have a party... I'm glad you think a weeknight would be okay.  Ha!  I'm still undecided.  Maybe I'll do the unthinkable and ask my husband what works better for him.  LOL. 
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