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XP: Cute Idea for Halloween

Being a P.E. teacher and former personal trainer, you know that I have a bit of passion for health and fitness (don't get me wrong..I eat candy and all that good stuff...especially right now as I have fallen off the wagon....but I am very aware of my consumption.)

Anyhow, I heard this idea of Halloween and I thought it was kind of will keep your kids from eating loads of empty, sugar-filled calories!

So your kid goes out and goes trick or treating, fills up his/her little halloween bucket, bag, pillowcase, whatever...and then when they get home and go to bed, they leave the candy at their door (in the carrier) for the Halloween Fairy or whatever you want to call it.  The Halloween Fairy will take the candy and leave you a nice gift!  

So instead of your kids eating a bunch of candy, they have a new toy to play with....maybe something they have wanted for a while or maybe something they didn't even know they wanted!  And of course (and I would do this if it was me), you can leave a few peices of candy for the kid to enjoy.

So, what do you do with all the candy?  You can take it to work and leave it out for your coworkers to enjoy or whatever other idea you might have...maybe make little gift mugs for coworkers and add some candies into for Xmas.

My sister told me about this as her friend does it and I thought it was cute.

Re: XP: Cute Idea for Halloween

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