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On average can you ladies tell me what to expect to pay in your area for utilities (gas, electric, water, sewer, long distance phone, interent, etc)? I can tell you all will be a ton of help in the next few months if DH's plans work out!

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Re: Utilities

  • I'm in Louisville, so I hope this will help...

    Gas and elec. - about $100-120/mo. for our 1500 sq. ft. condo (3rd floor w/ cathedral ceilings)

    water and sewer - not sure, ours is included in HOA

    long distance - not sure, we just use cell phones for that

    cable, internet - you have two options here, satellite w/ bellsouth DSL or Insight cable w/ broadband.  I have Insight, and it isn't cheap or great service, but I really don't want a satellite.  Internet is 35/mo., cable is 45/mo., and we have phone with them too and it is 30/mo.  I think when you first sign up you can get all three for about 99/mo for the first year.

  • We're in Lexington, and currently own a 1100 square foot townhouse.

    Electric - In the winter it tops out at about $100 (we don't usually turn the thermostat up past 71) but has been as low as $50.

    Water - This bill includes sewage and trash removal, and runs about $20 a month.

    We use cell phones (no land lines) and pay about $117 per month for service on both phones.

    Through Directv, we have a DVR and service that includes the local channels and regular 'cable' channels, but not movie channels.  That's $50 per month. 

    We don't have a computer at home, so we don't have internet service. 

    HTH!  Let me know if you have any more questions!  =)

  • Thanks! That seems pretty in line with what I pay now. From what I can tell from my research there are not many differences between Louisville and Salisbury - COL, job market, utilities, home cost, weather, etc...



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  • Gas-Winter-avg. $100 a month, during the summer it is $10 --Just heating

    Electric-winter $75, summer- $125

    Water- $25

    Internet & cable is $65 a month

    We are in a 1600sqft. house.


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