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cute video

Now I know most people here could care less about the La Push boys, but you have to admit, they are at least funny.

Re: cute video

  • cute but I feel like Sam needs to be MUCH MUCH larger.  Like he looks scrawny and little compared to how I pictured him.  Also, the kid who plays Embry is pretty annoying...annoying in the way that any 15 year old boy trying to look cool is...

    But thanks for sharing!

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  • Umm agreed. Sam needs to be about a foot taller and much heavier. Ugh. At least thier general looks are closer to how I pictured them. I am not a fan of the actor they are using for Jacob. He is nothing how I picture him.
  • Not really a movie Jacob fan, but hopefully they will use some kind of Hagrid movie mojo to make the Wolf boys look bigger.
  • Yeah, they need to be bigger. Jacob ends up being 7 feet tall, right?
    M S | June 30, 2007
    image image
  • Yeah, they definitely need to be bigger later, but in Twilight they're all still just regular kids, right?  I didn't think even Sam was supposed to have changed yet in the first book.
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