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House being shown tomorrow... any tips?

We are in the process of moving. DH moved on Sunday and I'm here getting stuff organized. Our house is on the market and they called to schedule a showing tomorrow afternoon. DH's company is paying for a full service move so I am not packing stuff into boxes, but our house definately is chaotic right now with me trying to organize into trash/donate/storage/apartment piles. Any tips on how to make it look neat quickly so hopefully we'll get an offer tomorrow?

Re: House being shown tomorrow... any tips?

  • Keep surfaces clear as much as possible & w/out lots of boxes/etc. all over -- stack together in one area /etc.  Make sure it is clean & welcoming looking!! Think HGTV "Staggers" : )

  • 1. Remember that less is more. Declutter. Move everything to the basement that is extra stuff and put into a box.

    2. Take down temporarily personal pics; you want more like scenery type of pics so the person can imagine themself in the house rather than seeing your family.


    Good luck!

  • De-clutter, make sure all beds are made, empty trash cans, dust and wipe down all surfaces, make sure you dont have any burned out lightbulbs, make sure there are clear paths to walk, not having to go around boxes and things

     good luck!

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  • I don't know too much about showing houses, but LIGHT A CANDLE!  It will make your home smell comforting and inviting!
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  • Everything that everyone said is great. I will also add, you should set one or two bouquet of fresh flowers. Maybe one on the dining room table and one on your coffee table. No need to spend a lot. Grocery stores have beautiful bouquets for $9.99.
  • In addition to what's already been said, make sure everything is immaculate. Windex the bathroom fixtures, make sure your kitchen sink shines, etc. It's also nice to leave some light classical music playing in the background when you leave. Just make sure it's not too loud.

    I wrote this! 
  • I HATED showing our house because it was SOOOO much work to make everything look perfect. 

    We always loaded up our cars with stuff that we thought didn't need to be in our house.  (Mostly toys from my daughter)  ONe time we even asked our realtor to load up her car so the house would look as good as possible.

  • If you can't put it away somewhere, pack stuff into boxes temporarily and stick all of them in one corner of a room.  People understand you're moving, but they need to be able to see around it. 

    I second all the cleaning and stuff previously said. 

  • Besides everything else that was said it would be nice to have something like an apple pie that you just baked.  The smell of it will make people feel 'home'.  Good luck!

  • I remember my mom used to simmer cloves in a small pot of water on the stove when our house was being shown.  The realtor gave her the idea, and it made the house smell amazing.
  • Candles that smell like cookies or pie make people feel at home... a vanilla scent puts people in the mood to spend $$!
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