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NBR: Holy Crap- I am exhausted already

Mental Note: Next time I walk in a parade- do not wear 4 inch heels!

Wouldn't have been so bad but Dorothy (Ashlee) couldn't take her ruby slippers anymore so I had to carry her for half the parade.  I finally gave up and told her to walk in her socks.

OMG- I still have so much to do and want to do with the girls.  Ugh LOL

I know I am being a cry baby- just had to let it out a bit.  I am sucking down an Iced Tea before I finish my "halloween night" decorations.  I still need to move the outside speakers for my haunted music, make Mummy Dogs for the girls for dinner, etc etc (don't kid yourself I love it- I just need to get my second wind)


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Re: NBR: Holy Crap- I am exhausted already

  • That sounds tiring but like fin! I want to come play. Can I puh-leez (puppy dog eyes). Dh doesn't like Halloween :(

    Hope you get your second wind!!

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  • a: 4 inch heals in a parade? OUCH! What is your costume again?

    b: what are mummy dogs?

    c: sounds SO fun! Have a blast tonight! :)

  • I am a Mad Scientist but I have these kick ass boots I wore with the costume under my jeans- in hindsight- probably not the best idea.  I will now be walking around with my hiking boots for the rest of the night.  I love my costume.  I was actually at the school for 2 hours before Madison's teacher even realized it was me.  LOL

    Mummy Dogs= a hot dog wrapped (to resemble a mummy's wrappings) in a dough (I use Pillsbury crescent rolls hand rolled out to the shape I need).  Then you add a face with mustard or ketchup.  They make a fun Halloween treat for the girls.

    Thanks- we are fully decorated.  Scary music is going.  All I have to do is make my cocktail to accompany me on my front stoop and I am good to go!




    Follow my SK blog as I reread the entire SK library (again!):
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