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Just checking in...

I hope this finds everyone well.  I totally forgot about this website which is probably why it is so quiet.  I will try to do better!  How is everyone????

Re: Just checking in...

  • Doing ok... my H MIGHT have to have back surgery if his epidural steroid injection doesn't work, but other than that, we're good!!!  How have you been?
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  • Doing good, just got real busy with work.  I hope your H doesn't need back surgery!  Did he get hurt somehow?



  • He hurt his back like a year and half to two years ago. Never saw a doctor for it. The pain pretty much just went away so he thought he pulled something in it.  Fast forward to May 2010, we were in a car accident less than a week before our wedding.  He had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance because he was having problems walking and had a lot of hip pain.  Well, they did x-rays and couldn't really find anything wrong.  THEN, around Thanksgiving, he sorta half fell, half jumped off a ladder and landed wrong and has been in constant pain since then.  We took him to like 4 different doctors before we found one who actually wants to FIX him and not just give him medication to mask it. 

    So that doctor had an MRI and X-rays done and then referred him to a Neuro/Spine surgeon.  He has two deteriorating discs in his lower lumbar and the lowest one is pinching a nerve causing all of the pain.  The steroid injection is supposed to help relieve all of that.

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  • Oh my!!!  Well I hope he starts feeling better!  His poor back has been through a lot!  Keep us updated!
  • The steroid injection did NOT work.  At all.  He has his follow-up with the spine and neuro surgeon on Valentine's Day, so we'll see what he says then.  He could either say "Let's try another injection" or "Nope, not going to work".  This sucks.  I was really hoping that he would be fixed by now.
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  • awww so sorry to hear that. i hope they can try again and it is successful.  how are you doing through all of this?
  • Well, not so good now.  We went for his follow up on Monday with the surgeon.  He said that since the injection didn't work at all, it would probably be pointless to try again.  He's scheduled for back surgery this coming Tuesday (22 Feb).  They're going to go in and remove part of his bone, reposition the nerve that's being pinched and remove part of his disc.  I'm a wreck.  Luckily though, recovery time is only supposed to be 2 weeks and my work is trying to get me a blackberry and a laptop so I can work from home for those two weeks.
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  • So sorry to hear this.  I hope he has a successful surgery and speedy recovery.  I also hope that you do well through all of this too.  Vent on here if you need to!!  I will keep you both in my prayers and check this more often for future vents. 

    I hope you both can remain sane through all of this! Both of you keep your head up.  I can't imagine the stress you both are under.  Please vent to me if you feel the need.  Keep me updated. 

  • Well, thank you, Brittany!!  It really does mean a lot to me.  I just really hope this works.  I know how frustrated he's been because he can't do everything that he wants to.  I'm taking him for his pre-admission testing this afternoon so they can do bloodwork and whatever other tests they need to do to make sure he's healthy enough for surgery.  I'll keep you updated!

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  • You're welcome!  I hope all goes well and stays positive!
  • Hey,

    How are things going??


  • Meh... not great.  He had the surgery and was in a ridiculous amount of pain afterwards.  He was supposed to have been released that evening, but they decided to keep him overnight because they couldn't get his bloodpressure down and because he was in so much pain.  They were giving him morphine injections every hour on the hour.  He's still in a lot of pain.  He ended up having another MRI done and the surgeon said he has a bulging disc.  He doesn't think another surgery would be beneficial right now so he set Adam up for another one of the epidural steroid injections.  He had that done on March 17th and Adam thinks that it may have helped a tiny bit, but not much.  We go back to the doctor on Monday and we'll see what he says.  He may suggest another injection. 

    By the way, you've got PM!!

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