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Best pet hair vac?

Ours gave up last week...too much dog hair! Does anyone have one that actually picks up dog hair consistantly?

Re: Best pet hair vac?

  • I've been looking for one too.  I'm hoping people have some good recommendations.
  • i would be interested in recommendations too...i would actually repost this question on the Pets board if I were you, this one doesn't get much traffic.
  • image Crash Into Me:

    I am surprised that the Dyson crew hasn't come in here yet!

    I have a Bissell Pet Hair Eraser.  It does a fantastic job and I've never had a problem with it.  It was about $160.00 when I bought it 3 years ago.  I would recommend it to anyone.

    This is the one we are thinking about but I'm a little hesitant because reviews are either LOVE or REALLY HATE :/

  • We have a bissell pet hair eraser and it sucks and not in a good way!!!

    The brush wheel nearly melted the last time I ran it because it apparently was installed wrong and wasn't spinning right.  I vacuum three times a week because my dogs shed like crazy and can't make it through one room without the canister being full, and the brush being clogged.

    My dirt devil was better then the bissell but it bit the dust too...we're in the market for a new one too, but won't probably be going dyson either we're looking into a Miele.

  • most haters said that it was "cheaply made." Everyone seemed to agree that it has great suction power, but I guess parts are cheaply made? I think this is the one we are going to go with though. It's the right price and I've seen majority great reviews.
  • I have this vac myself. I love it. My huband and I have two White Shepherds. They shed daily, but when it's "shedding season" this vac keeps up.

  • I have the Bissell pet hair eraser too, and I love it! It works amazing on the carpet, and my husband surprised me with a new, ivory color microfiber couch....beautiful...except for the fact that we have two dogs...two brown dogs...bless his heart, haha! 

    I vacuum every other day on the are rug we have and the new couch and the old couch in the other living room, and it works wonders for me! With two dogs being pretty moderate shedders I only have to empty the canister every week.

    I've even dragged it outside, because it's very lightweight, and used it in the car! Haha 

    I imagined my life without my dogs was the worst 30 seconds of my life.
  • image Crash Into Me:

    image Officer'sWife:
    most haters said that it was "cheaply made." Everyone seemed to agree that it has great suction power, but I guess parts are cheaply made? I think this is the one we are going to go with though. It's the right price and I've seen majority great reviews.

    Huh, I guess I don't understand what they mean by cheaply made.  I bang mine against the baseboards and furniture (accidentally, of course) and nothing has ever cracked or broken.  It is a vacuum made out of plastic, but aren't most?  None of the tools or any other part of the plastic have those white stress marks.

    You do need to rinse out the canister after a few uses (but I've always done that) and once in a while I need to take a plastic piece out of the middle (it twists right off) and remove stuck hair, but I don't see that as a big deal.  Other vacuums require you to rinse/change filters frequently and I'm not wasting money on a new filter every few months.  

    I think some people just don't take care of their vacuums and then complain when they stop working! haha. We ended up buying this one last night. Used it and love it so far! It had a lot more suction than our previous one, I am impressed! So far so good :)

  • I'm here looking for a new vacuum. We have (or I should say HAD) the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. It decided last night to start smoking. I've hated the machine since the day we bought it. The height adjustment never worked. The brush wheel stopped spinning. The stair attachment was constantly clogged and I had to take it apart every 2-3 stairs just to be able to keep going. Hate it! Hate it!! Hate it!!!

  • I had the Bissell pet hair eraser, and it died after 2 years.  We just got the Shark Navigator Lift Away (saw on infomercial) for Christmas and I LOVE it 10 times better than the Bissell.  We have a lab who sheds constantly, and this thing picks up more dog hair than any other vaccum I've ever had.  Easy to clean and empty too!



  • I have a Golden Retriever and a Corgi with a double coat (he has more fur than our husky used to have and sheds more too!) I have a Kenmore Progressive and its amazing. I got it as a wedding gift, it was about $250. I just retired my old Kenmore which was about 10 years old. I only retired it because in moving the mover broke and lost 3 wheels of it.

    Best value ever in my opinion. 

  • Dyson owner checking in :)... I have 3 German Shepherds and 2 cats.  I sucked it up (sorry)  and spent the money on a Dyson (I bought mine at Sams Club).  I bought it in 2005 for $349.  I would buy it again.  It's quiet and it sucks in a really good way.  It's held up really well.  I've got carpet, tile and laminate flooring and it does all three equally well.  Here's a link to a review I wrote on it.


  • I just bought a new Kirby Sentra and it is amazing!  I have a 2 dogs and 2 cats and one of the dogs is a boxer that has super short little white needly hairs that get stuck in everything but the Kirby sucks it out.  I was convinced that they would never come out of my couch... but low and behold... I was just using a crummy vacuum the whole time!

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