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So confused and sad. . .

Okay, I'm freaking out a little bit here!  One of my co-workers just committed suicide in our office.  I guess his fiancee was worried that he hadn't come home, so she drove to our office late at night and found him!  And the thing is, he was really intelligent, really  popular, really successful in his job, and ENGAGED!  I don't think anyone saw it coming and I can't believe he is gone! I can't imagine what his family and his fiancee are going through, please keep them in your thoughts.
~Margaret (and Nick)~
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Re: So confused and sad. . .

  • Oh my goodness. That is so so sad. I am sorry that this is happening around you.


    I will definitely keep his family and fiance in my thoughts, as well as you and all of your co workers!

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  • I'm SO sorry I can't imagine how you are feeling right now :(
  • That is so sad! I feel for his fiancee...Many prayers are sent for his family, fiancee, friends and coworkers.
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  • Wow...
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  • Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!!! Def. will keep his loved ones in my T & P's. I can't imagine how shaken you must feel!!!
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  • Om my goodness!!!!  I am so very sorry!!  You and his family are in my T & P.  This just makes me so sad for everyone who loved him.

  • omg that is so sad - positive vibes to you and his family/finance.

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  • Oh my goodness that is so sad Sad I'm sending thoughts their way!
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  • Oh my goodness. That's horrible. It's amazing how the people we think are so secure and happy can end things like that.

    I'll keep his family and FI in my thoughts as well as your work family.

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  • Oh wow...that's so tragic!  Many thoughts and prayers go to everyone who knew him. 


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  • whoa. My jaw dropped when I read this and I'm shaking a little so I can't even imagine how you are feeling. My heart goes out to you and everyone involved. Whoa.
  • Oh, that is just horrible!!!  I'm sorry to hear.  Losing a co worker can be a lot like losing a member of the family; these are the people you almost see MORE than your own family and it can be a very devastating loss.

    It's a shame how some people who have it all can be torn up inside yet nobody will know.  Lots of T&Ps to his loved ones.  :(

  • My jaw literally dropped when I read this.  How tragic and sad.  That would totally have me very shaken up.  You just never know what is going on in someone's life, and what causes someone to feel so badly that they take their life.  Horrible.

  • Thanks for all of your comments girls!  It is a weird day at work, that is for sure. Still trying to find the silver lining amidst all of this darkness. . . I hope that this situation brings the rest of us closer together to build a more supportive work environment, science can be pretty cut-throat! 
    ~Margaret (and Nick)~
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  • Wow!  I am so so so sorry for your loss!  That is so devasating!!  Suicide is so painful...I can only imagine what you all are feeling! 


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  • Oh my! I'm so sorry. I hope your okay - that would really unnerve me. I'll keep him & all who loved him in my prayers.
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  • omg that's so sad, i'm so sorry



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  • Oh my God that's horrible.  I'll definitely keep his family, especially his fiancee, in my thoughts.  And you take care too, Margaret, I'm sure it's a shocker for you.  Hang in there.

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