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f/u wearing YOUR wedding ring


Re: f/u wearing YOUR wedding ring

  • I wear my e-ring and wedding band - 24/7.  I don't see a need to take them off they don't bother me.
  • Yep, I take my ring off when I get ready for bed. Although some days I can't even wear it anymore because my fingers can get too swollen. Depends on the day though. In a few months I probably won't be able to wear it at all.

    I also take it off when I give DS a bath because I don't want to scratch him with it.

  • Take them off when I sleep. DH does to. 
  • I wear mine 24/7
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  • I take mine off to wash the dishes, deep clean, or wash my hair. If I don't put my rings back on right after washing my hair, I leave them in the shower. Embarrassed

    Occasionally, I'll take them off simply because they are bothering me.

    H takes his off to shower and wash dishes. I'm pretty sure he only wears it on occasion at work.

  • Mine is on 24/7 (my ring, not my bra) but we opted for plain, comfort-fit bands for both of us.  Mine isn't very thick or wide, and it fits like a glove.  I only notice it when it is especially hot and my hands swell.  It was also cheap (think less than 200 dollars) and yellow gold, so scratches can be polished off easily, and it wouldn't break my heart to replace it with another plain band in another 4 or 5 years.
  • The only time I don't wear mine is when I'm in the shower.
  • Rings are the first thing off when I get home. Then I change from my work pants/skirt into sweat pants and a tshirt. comfy!
  • The only time I take my rings off is when I'm weightlifting because the bar will scratch them up.  Otherwise, they're very comfortable and I barely notice they're there.  We specifically picked out both rings so they'd be fine for daily wear--they're small, light, no major sharp prongs and the center stone sits pretty low.
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  • I only wear mine when I leave the house, but sometimes I forget to put it on.  I only wear my e-ring about 1/2 the time with my wedding band, because it's such a high setting.

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  • i will take my engagement ring off when i get home sometimes, but i always sleep/shower/workout in my wedding band.  i very rarely take it off.
  • I wear it and my engagement ring 24/7, wedding ring on my left ring finger and engagement ring on my right.  My wedding ring is an openwork design, though, (hard to describe, I'll try to PIP) so it doesn't get moisture trapped under it or anything, and the engagement ring has a thin band and is loose enough that it's not a problem with that one either.  I just know so many people who have had their rings lost or stolen while they are off, and no one who has lost one wearing it.  I'd really hate to lose my rings, a replacement would just not be the same.  Finding the wedding ring was such a perfect moment, and the engagement ring's diamond was my grandmother's.


  • My wedding and engagement rings never come off. I wear them to bed, in the shower, when I clean the house. The only jewelry I take off daily is my watch. I even forgot to take my rings off when we were painting and a toothbrush took care of the splatters.
  • I don't wear them to bed, but I don't take them off when I get home.

    Sometimes I forget to put them on in the morning.

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  • When my rings fit comfortably, they don't bother me and I wear them 24/7.  Right now, they're tight, so I've been taking them off before bed and I forget to put them back on in the morning about half the time.
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  • I wear mine 24/7.  I used to take the e-ring off at night and whenever it could get damaged. But when I lost the e-ring (because it was too big) and got a new one (smaller) I started wearing it/them 24/7.  I only take them off when I need to clean them.
  • I don't wear mine to bed, in the shower, or at the gym.
  • My daily wedding band is on 24/7. That's why I got it - so I could beat it up.

    My nice wedding band & eRing - comes off about as soon as I walk in the door. Same with my bra & work clothes.

  • I pretty much only wear mine outside of the house, but not at the gym. DH mentioned that I should wear them more often at home, but with all the hadwashing, diaper changing, cleaning, etc I do it's just no fun. I hate the feel of water under them too. Yuck!

    My weight fluctuates a bit, for awhile (like 6 months) they were way too tight to way, now they're on the looser side. Not too loose that they'd fly off but a little too loose to be comfortable. Not worth downsizing though.

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  • Yes, usually unless I was doing something before bed that I took it off for and didn't put it back on.

  • image*wicket*:
    I take my jewery off as soon as I get home. I don't wear it in the house.

    Same here, for all jewelry - rings, earrings, anything.

    I do leave my bra on though.

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  • I wear my rings 99% of my time. I only take them off  to do pull ups and deadlifts.
  • I take off my e-ring before bed, but I typically always wear my wedding ring, even to bed.
  • I don't wear mine to bed or in the shower, other than that I wear it most of the time.
  • I'm like you MJ, both come off immediately I get home. I don't wear my rings at home at all. For some reason, once I step into the house, I have to take them off.
  • I always take mine off the second I get home. And I often won't remember to put it back on for the rest of the week.
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  • My rings only come off when I do my hair or put on lotion.  I wear them 24/7.  I work in a daycare and I change diapers all day.  I havent scratched a child with my rings yet.  Nor have I injured my husband while sleeping. 

    My husband wears his 24/7, I believe, also.

  • I take my rings off right before bed.  My fingers swell at night and I'm not comfortable wearing jewelry as I sleep anyway. 
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  • The first thing I do when I get home is take off my watch, ring, necklace, and any other jewelry I may be wearing. Then I throw on an old cardigan sweater that's way too big that I don't care about, since I'm always cold. DH calls it the "cat lady sweater." haha
  • I take them off once I am home for the day (if I'm running out again I don't take them off and put them back on, but once I'm not leaving the house again I take them off)
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