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random Q - how much to frame a picture?

obviously it depends on the size of the print, and the quality of the frame, but any website that I can look at to shop around?

We have a GC for a framing store from the wedding and we have a bunch of prints.  But I want to be prepared before we go. 

we have 2 prints that are about 11x 15 and another one that is 25 x 30. we want simple wood frames 

any ideas for a website? 


Re: random Q - how much to frame a picture?

  • It can be quite expensive depending on where you go. I had DH's diploma framed for his office a few months ago and it was about $200 at Michaels. 
  • our GC is for $350 but I hope that will frame more than one picture.  My MIL told me that the shop isnt that great (it is her friends store - she gave the gift) but I dont want to waste the gift.

    I guess I will just take 1 and see how much that costs. 

  • Multiple places have quoted me $300 and up to frame my law license - and that was even with a 60% off coupon to Michaels. Framing is flucking expensive.
  • Just did the bottom left pic in my siggy in a 20" x 30" with a nice frame at Aaron Brothers. I waited until they had a 50% off sale and it was $175.00. It aint cheap!

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  • I was a custom framer for a craft store for years. And, it is very expensive. But, when we were trained we were told to start high. Meaning most expensive frame, most expensive glass...etc. So, don't be afraid to tell them you are no interested in museum glass or the high end moldings. Tell them you want to keep as close to a certain amount as possible. They should work with you. If they don't have the patience then complain to the manager or better yet corporate. Hopefully that will make it so it's not part of the training program to scam the customers.  

    Museum glass is anti-reflective and 99% uv protected. Which I do recommend for things such as personal photos. But, if its not in direct sunlight and its just a decorative print then plain picture glass works. 

    Also, look into having the moldings made custom there and go to a glass shop to have picture glass cut. Its sometimes much cheaper. 

  • I got a 11x14 the other day a Michaels and it was 160 with 60% off coupon. After doing that I heard about shops that allow you to do it yourself at their store for a fraction of the cost. Not sure if that is an option, if so I would check it out.
  • Honestly, I would just take the prints to a couple places where you live, maybe try a chain like Michael's or JoAnn's and try a local place too to get quotes.  There is just so much variation - type of frame, type of glass, how many mats and what types, etc.  I'll say we had an antique map which is like 30x40 with double mats, and one of the cheapest wooden frames they had (like $9 per foot which is how they're priced, some of the ones I realllllly like were $30-40 per foot to give you an idea of the variability).  Total cost was $315, this was a local place.

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