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How much to tip furniture delivery guys?

We're already paying (only $99) for delivery but I should tip the guys still right?

They are delivering an end table and a couch and love seat. The couch and love seat have reclining pieces though so they can be broken apart and moved around a tight corner stairway into our living room so the couch will actually come in 3 pieces and then they'll bolt the metal bars across the bottom to make them the couch and same thing with the love seat which has 2 pieces.

So now that you know what the delivery looks like for them - how much should we tip? I'm horrible at knowing what's acceptable so TIA.

Re: How much to tip furniture delivery guys?

  • IIRC, I think I tipped mine like $10 each.  (usually there are 2 guys)
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  • When I worked at a furniture store, our delivery guys did not expect tips. They are paid a fair wage already. Of course, they won't complain if you give them one anyway.
  • We usually do $20 each and a bottle of water. we have a lot of steps but we have a really open house (wide corners and halls) so I think it's a avg effort on the movers part.
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  • I googled this and it recommended $5-20 a per person. It also listed how much to tip all kinds of professions. I said you're supposed to tip for flower delivery. Is that true? Its never occurred to me. How do know to tip ifyoure not expecting a delivery or do you always have cash on you?
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    Michelle's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (currently-reading shelf)
  • If I already paid for delivery, I wouldn't tip.

    I know others disagree, but I get really sick of everyone and their mother expecting a tip.  I tip fairly (20%) at restaurants, because that is how server's wages are designed, but most other places (except at the salon) - no way.


  • I do not tip all delivery people, it depends on what they actually do and time involved. I just had 2 pieces delivered and they were done in under 10 minutes for both, no tip. For my dining room table, it took a good 25 minutes to bring it in and set it up. I tipped them $10-15 each I believe but that had a delivery and set up fee that I had already paid.
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  • Usually $5-$10 each.  We had a couch delivered a few weeks ago, there were 3 guys and we gave tehm $5 each. 
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