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Help me settle a debate with my H

We have a housekeeper that comes every other week. She has been with us for 2yrs now, at the 1.5yr mark I gave her a $10 raise. She is honest, dependable and does a good job, I felt her work should be rewarded. He didn't know I had done this until today because I asked him to write the check this morning. He thinks she shouldn't have gotten one and asked his co-workers, who naturally agreed with him. He thinks if she asked we could have given her one, wth?

So, what do you think, would you give your housekeepers (or hypothetical ones) raises?

I have a meeting but i'll be back soon.


Re: Help me settle a debate with my H

  • Was it $10/visit, $10/mo?

    I think a raise after 1.5 years of good service is justified.  


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  • did you have to? No.
    Was it nice? Yes
    Does she work harder knowing she is appreciated? Maybe.
    Is it too late? Yes.

  • If you have the money and appreciate the job she is doing, then yes, I would give her a raise.  I probably would have discussed it with DH first, though.
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  • I do not have a housekeeper per say but as with any vendor that comes to my house, I pay what they ask me to and not anything more.

    However, I can definitely see the reasoning in paying her more--she is less likely to drop you for another client, etc. And I know I personally never want to be wildly underpaying someone who is doing an excellent job.

  • Yes, I've always given my housekeepers yearly raises.  Their cost of living increases just like mine. 

    Not only is it the right thing to me (in my mind), but it also builds goodwill and loyalty.  A happy worker who feels appreciated will do a better job.  Plus, really good help is hard to find, and it should be rewarded.

  • sorry, but I agree with your DH.  If she asked for a raise that is different.
  • My first thought was the raise was deserved.

    However, it occurred to me we've employed our gardener for a year and a half and he charges us $60/mo.  It hasn't crossed my mind to pay him more.  We're moving soon and his wife just had a baby, so maybe I'll give him a nice gift or gift card when we leave.

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  • I think if you are happy with her work then yes, giving her a raise is justifable.  I mean I'm sure your H would want a raise after doing a job for 1.5 years.  Plus rewarding her with the extra $ will encourage her to continue doing a good job.  You could always tell H that its a COL raise.
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  • I also pay Christmas bonuses.

  • image dbsk8dance*:

    did you have to? No.
    Was it nice? Yes
    Does she work harder knowing she is appreciated? Maybe.
    Is it too late? Yes.


    I always thought that the actual person doing the cleaning set the rate and advised of price increases....

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  • hocushocus member
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    At the 2 year mark I gave me cleaner a raise. I think it was fair. I don't know that I'll do it every year, but I think it is important to pay your help a fair wage.
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  • I think housekeepers work their tooshies off and get paid far less than they deserve. So do I think a raise is in order given what you stated above? Yep.

     I do think that you should have discussed it with your H first though..

  • I give mine a raise every year. She is very good and super nice, and would never ask for one.  I expect my employer to give me a raise every year barring some outside force. 
  • I gave our housekeeper a small per visit raise after every year.
  • Everyone in my family gives their housecleaners raises (not the Molly Maid-type giant services, but small businesses). I do as well.  I have not done it every year, because the $10/visit raise works out to well over a cost of living increase, but I do it periodically.
  • It was $10/visit

    Thanks for the feedback! I guess I should have discussed it with H first, but the truth is he, at times, forgets the passwords to the checking account, he generally has no idea what's going on financially without my updates. She's had this raise for 6 months and he never noticed, lol. This is what I get for asking him to write a check. Next time I will discuss it with him first.

  • I've had a variety of women clean my home (the person changed when we moved) over the last 15 or so years.  I have never even considered giving any of them a raise.  We negotiated a rate for her service when I agreed to hire her and I pay what we agreed upon.

    I do however "reward" her work with a Christmas bonus every year. 

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