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WTF is wrong with people???


I am totally incredulous after reading this. Is custody of your kids worth the price, and then you still don't end up with the kids? Someone else will be raising them now....this poor,poor woman...

April 24, 2010
Second Anni-trip: Niagara Falls!


Re: WTF is wrong with people???

  • ugh - people do really make me sick.  horrible horrible.

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  • ugh that sounds horrible :( That sounds like the double homicide that happened a few days ago only a few miles away from our home. Our area where we live rarely ever has crime. The story is so sad. http://www.wctv.tv/home/headlines/Double_Homicide_in_Wakulla_County_118902439.html
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  • Stacy, good point! 

    Since I work with custody/divorce cases, I too have seen this sad situation a couple of times.  One of which was a former client.  She shot and killed her son because she was sick of the dispute.  Kind of "if i can't have him no one can" mentality.

    The other incident, was someone who had called here seeking advice and then a few weeks later shot himself and his 3 or 4 kids because he knew there was no way of getting them.

    It's a shame that our society has resulted in this.

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  • Unbelievable.  I hope this all comes back to bite that a-hole and his parents in the ass.  That poor young lady and those children....the children will suffer because of this.

    It kills me that some people use taking the kids away for a means of revenge on the other parent; and other times it's shamefully about effing MONEY!  So many men in the Detroit news (as well as other places, I'm sure) are charged with not only killing their kids' mothers but some killing the children as well.  Why, because they don't want the kids NOR do they want to pay.  It's hard enough to understand how someone could choose to walk away from their own children but to kill them because they don't want to pay to help take care of them?  I don't get how anyone can justify the ducking of 18 (or less) years of child support being worth a lifetime of eventual guilt, grief and haunting of what they did.  Angry

    I hate ignorant, selfish people.

  • I know, girls...this really got to me. What right did he have to take her life because she was divorcing his sorry a**. Sadly, she was right to want to be rid of him and his murderous family. What does it say when parents will help a child kill the mother of their grandchildren??

    This was wrong and callous on some many levels...smh...

    April 24, 2010
    Second Anni-trip: Niagara Falls!

  • Well, and you can only guess of the stupidity level of the people that murdered her because they just took no care in covering their tracks. You wouldn't think they wanted to be caught, so that means that they are just THAT STUPID! It is so sad for the kids. I know a lot of women that can be brutal in divorce/custody cases, but this is never, EVER even remotely something that should even be thought about! The true victims are the children. 

    And I don't know the laws of other states, but I know in Nebraska if you don't want to pay child support, you can sign off on the kid. Never have to pay a dime, but never have any rights to the child. I don't understand why more people don't use that option as opposed to murdering your own children! 

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