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BWLO: Toddlers @ Swimming Pool/Ocean

When we went to the beach/pool last year Zac was small enough to put in one of those infant swim "ring/tube" things.

Now this summer, he'll be a heafty (guessing) 30 lbs, but he's still only 15-18 months old.

Swimmies? Life jacket? Float of some kind?

What do 1-2 year olds "swim*/////- in? <- sorry Zac was helping. :)

[IMG]http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i220/trickeytricky/463073_361060323935872_249254421783130_980011_919771394_o-1.jpg[/IMG]<BR><BR><a href=http://crapcutters.blogspot.com target="_blank">Cut the Crap: a weight loss blog</a><BR><BR><a href="http://www.myfitnesspal.com"><img src="http://badges.myfitnesspal.com/badges/show/1040/5494/10405494.weight-lost-sm.gif" border="0"></a><p style="text-align: center;width:226px;"></p>

Re: BWLO: Toddlers @ Swimming Pool/Ocean

  • We have this obviously elle is smaller, but it says up to 40 pounds and 2 years. She loves it, it allows her to be independent and safe and out of the sun
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  • I am looking into those vests (or suits) that have the foam like a life jacket for toddlers. Since I've never used one, I have no reviews. I've seen them on other kids and at the store.
  • We still put Kellen in a ring/float last year after he turned 1 and he was around 23 or 25 lbs. This year we are looking into one of those swim vests that have the arm swimmies attached to them.

  • I might still put Taryn in her ring float since she's still kinda tiny (around 23-25 lbs); if not, I'll look into one of those vests things too.

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  • Our friends took their little girl (who was about the same age or maybe even younger because she just turned 2) to the beach all of the time last year.  They kept her in one of those flotation swimsuits with the built-in lifevest in case she made a run for it.  It also offers some sun protection.

    At the beach, they also brought her blow-up duck bathtub.  They would fill it with ocean water and put her under the umbrella.  It was like her own little swimming pool.  http://www.amazon.com/Munchkin-White-Hot-Inflatable-Duck/dp/B000066665


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  • No new advice, but pediatrician in me is coming out... please never leave him alone near water, and don't forget the sunscreen Smile
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  • Last summer we just held Abby mostly.  But then again we just went to the beach where she just played in the water instead of swimming.  When she did go in a pool my MIL had one of those floaty things that she sat in.  This summer we are going to do the swimmies that you strap around the waist so she can learn to actually swim.
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