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moms: opinion on carseats

its so nice to see lots of baby talk=)

since there are so many smart mommies on here...please share your thoughts on the whole rear/front facing carseat debate.  I would like to hear a NON BUMP opinion, they are fanatical about it.

i kept keira RF until about 18 months, ariana is much smaller and is only 15lbs @ 9 months, i plan on keeping her RF for quite a while...but 2 does seem extreme.

also, for a good laugh...I was on the fence about shelling out the $$$ for  britax seats for the kids, i did reluctantly...and keira took a giant pee in it yesterday...LOL



Re: moms: opinion on carseats

  • I don't have a lot research to back this up.  We bought the Graco Snugride 30 so that he could RF as long as possible.  I'm hoping this will last at least a year, maybe longer.  When he outgrows it and we buy a new seat, I'll start doing a little more research.  I agree that 2 seems extreme but I guess if that's what recommended, I should at least try to make it that long.

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  • We'll probably keep Oliver rear-facing as long as he fits that way (so at least a year, probably longer b/c he's already 10.5 mo. and he still has a lot of room for his legs to grow).

    We have a britax roundabout 55.

    My Boys

  • In Europe they suggest rearfacng until four. So two doesn't seem to extreme.
  • I generally try to go with these guidelines so I imagine we will try to do it until 2.

    We have the Snugride 35 - I bought the biggest infant seat we could get b/c I had a feeling we'd have a big baby (and I was right).

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  • We just switched out of our infant seat a month or two ago and we both got RF convertible car seats.  I have a Honda Civic and DH has a Hyundai Sonata.  Both are 4 door cars and both us have have barely any space in the passenger seat with the car seats rear facing.  We couldn't keep the seats in the middle of the car because then the driver seat would be pushed up too far to accommodate the car seat.

    We were planning on keeping him RF until 2 years old but whenever the three of us go out together whoever is stuck in the passenger seat is really uncomfortable and our knees are almost in the dash.  I'm hoping to go as close to 2 years as we can though.

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  • I'll try for 2 as well to do the RF.
  • Emma's little, so she'll be rear facing for awhile anyway.  She'll only be about 17-18lbs by her first birthday.  I aim to get to two with her rear facing.  I am not necessarily a proponent of extended rear facing, but I'm not in a rush to get her forward facing either. 

    I am looking forward to getting her out of the infant seat...or at least out of moving it back and forth.  I think I'm at my weight limit with that.  It's causing my back to flair up. 

  • we have my ride 65's for everyone (taryn, joci & gkid). taryn will be 3 in august and is still rf. i didn't even know people were all nutso about it until the new car seat recs came out, i was just following the guidelines that came with the carseat . . . .
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  • I'll keep mine RF until it is too tall and it's legs get all smooshed.  

    DD: 6-24-11

    EDD: 9-20-14

  • image jpfeifer:

    I'll keep mine RF until it is too tall and it's legs get all smooshed.  

    Technically I've read that it's safer to actually cross your kids legs then to turn them around too soon!

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  • Chase and Bella are both FF. We had a teeny tiny car that could not accomoadate 2 convertable rear facing carseats, and Andrew in the middle. I flipped Chase close to his 2nd birthday. Bella got flipped at 15 months?

    With the new baby, bigger vehicle, and new guidelines,  I plan to RF until 2.

  • DD is still RF. She only weighs 24 lbs right now.

    I have thought many times of switching her but the thought of getting into an accident and thinking of her little self getting seriously injured was enough to keep me from switching.

    I'm going to re-evaluate at 3 (July) but will probably keep her RF longer (might then re-evaluate at least Christmas).

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