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It must be boredom

Prepare for the mind dump...

I mentioned not too long ago some work stuff, nothing major, but enough to make me start thinking about what I want to do next (if anything).  Haven't had the talk yet with my boss, he wants to address those things when we get together to determine personal goals for 2011.  And that's fine by me since my issues stem from my performance and the possibility of moving up into that next level.  From what I'm hearing these meetings to discuss our goals is supposed to happen next week.

In the meantime I've been thnking about not only the items I want to discuss with my boss, but also about some goals that I would like to work towards in 2011.  I was skimming through our company intranet and came across the company policy regarding a self-study certificate program.  As I dug further into it, I found a certificate program within the Insurance Institute of Amercia (for those who don't know, I work for a global risk management <read: insurance> company - risk management sounds fancier Wink ). 

It's an Associate in Insurance Accounting & Finance, and if I complete it I can put the fancy letters after my name (AIAF) in my work e-mails.  It's basically 5 courses (2 insurance, 2 accounting/finance, 1 ethics) and an exam after I study on my own for each. After I completed the MBA program 5 years ago I thought I'd never crack open a book and study again, but here I am and I think it's a good thing.  It should help me advance within the company, AND it's just something that I think will help motivate me because I think I'm just starting to feel bored or stagnant - not that I don't have anything to do (it's the polar opposite of that). Plus, the company pays for the fees and materials, and as I pass each course I'll get a $150 bonus and then another $1,000 upon "graduation".

So my goal is to get through (and pass) 2 of the courses before the end of this year. Geeked




Re: It must be boredom

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