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Our babies who got ear tubes...

Are you guys noticing a different so far?  My friend's kid gets them next week.  I think both Charlie (JessicaKay) and Elle (Amy) got them right? 


Re: Our babies who got ear tubes...

  • Elle has been better.  Very quick recovery, she was laughing and playing all day--took longer naps than usual but no real difference. She didn't like the drops we had to put in her ears but that was way easier than trying to give her oral antibiotics.

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  • A huge differance!!! May depend on the age of the child though also. Before tubes Charlie had a bruise on his head all the time from falling down. (Losing his balance) Since tubes he has only had one bruise and that was from falling backwards off of his ride on fire truck. I knew he couldn't hear to well also. Charlie was just standing beside me in the living room looked down the hall and said "Dada?" Dh is sleeping and snorning rather loud, but before Charlie wouldn't have noticed this.

    Charlie sleeps much better now, well except for when his ears are draining really bad. The draining is all new to him, before they wouldn't drain at all.

    We didn't have to do any ear drops. The day off Charlie was a little grumpy for the first about 2 hours after surgery then back to his normal self!

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