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Lurker with an organizing kitchen question

I've been lurking for a while and compiling a lot of great tips from all of you but I finally have a question about organizing my kitchen pantry and lazy susan...

First I've never had a pantry or a lazy susan so I am lost with what to do to fill them.  Could you give me any tips on what you'd put where.  My pantry has 4 shelves and is about 2ft. deep.  Currently we keep dry boxed foods and snacks in there, and dog food goes in a bin on the floor.  The top shelf I have dedicated to people/pet meds and maintenance items (should this go there or somewhere else).  The problem is that the lazy susan is empty, I don't know what to put there, I've never had this much space in a kitchen before that I am at a loss for what I should put where???

Help please!!

Re: Lurker with an organizing kitchen question

  • Where is the lazy susan and how big is it? If its in a top cabinet, I would use it for spices or small things. However, if its a bottom cabinet and big enough, I would store pots there.

    As far as pantries (not sure if thats how you pluralize it) go, I have everything in mine. In my opinion, its all up to you what you want to put in it. Organize it which ever way is the best for you

    Good luck

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  • I agree with PP.  Alot of it depends on how big it is.  Spices and small things work well but you could also put pots and pans or dedicate it to a certain type of food  section . Like having all your baking supplies on one or what not .
  • If everything already seems to have a home that you are comfortable with, just relax and enjoy having extra space. You will acquire stuff over time and wish you had somewhere to put it. If you organize to fill all your space now, it will feel like you have no where for new additions to the kitchen as time goes on.
  • There are two types of lazy susans.  There is a lazy susan cabinet and a free standing lazy susan.  A lazy susan cabinet is generally built into the corner of a kitchen and allows the full access to the corner.  These are great for applicances (toaster, blender, mixer) that don't get used daily.

     A freestanding lazy susan can be put into any cabinet.  These are generally smaller and great for organinzing small items (spices, cake decorating supplies).

    Don't worry about having too much space.  When I bought my first home, I thought I would never fill it.  I did...and very easily. 

  • Thanks ladies!!  No worries on the rush to fill them, I know that will come in time, I just don't know what to do with all the space and it'll get figured out, and I'm sure I'll move it all around again.

    As far as the lazy susan goes ours is a corner unit, and I never thought of using it for appliances that I don't use on a daily basis, I'll have to check it out and see if all of my things fit!!

  • We put our food storage conatiners in the lazy susan and also have our extra plastic bags in there. Totally handy when we're cleaning up right by the stove.
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