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Re: AOTD (Article of the Day)

  • OMG that is insane! I can't believe she's injecting that into her daughter. Who knows what the long term implications of that are. Have they done tests in kids on how it reacts to them.

    Also she's basically telling her kid that she's not pretty enough and now this kid wants other procedures like a boob job. Ummmm last time I check boobs don't grow till you are older and dont' stop growing till early 20's I REALLY hope no doctor agrees to that type of surgery!

    That just makes me so sad.

  • I can't even read that, it makes me sick to my stomach. I seriously just glanced at it. 

    I give it 2 days before this woman is arrested on charges of child abuse. It's wrong on so many levels. 


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  • ok if this story is for real, there is absolutely no way that what that woman does to her child is legal. (or at least it wouldn't be in the U.S.)


  • wow 


    they both will need significant theapy

    yeah - seems safe - but what happens when that botox crap is under your skin for more than 40, 50, 60 years?  i don't care if it breaks down or w/e it can't be good for you.

    this is seriously disturbing.

    i really think EVERYONE in the world should undergo intense testing (as early as the age of 15) to deem them capable of providing for a child, both mentally, genetically, and intellectually.  obv this woman MAY not pass. 

    again - wow. 

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  • That story is horrible!  She is teaching her little girl ALL of the wrong lessons!  I had to stop reading this, it was too disturbing!  I think child services needs to have a serious intervention here!
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  • image waltzingmatilda13:

    I give it 2 days before this woman is arrested on charges of child abuse. 

    With any luck, and god I hope so. 

    She should be taken out back and shot execution style.  WTF is wrong with people???

  • Completely ridiculous.


    That's all I've got.

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  • I have no words for this...sick... this is 100% child abuse.....
  • I heard about this on the radio this week and was just blown away.  How can someone not love a child so much that they need to change the poor kid?!?!  I heard someone on the radio say something like "God made this child and God does not make ugly people/things."  I just want to slap this woman!

  • My work server blocked it, but I am getting the gist of it from you ladies. I find it insane the things that parents will do to their children!!!
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  • Any of you girls ever watch Toddlers and Tiara's??????? Um, those beauty queen momma's are totally crazy!
  • I was completely disgusted by this article...almost to the point of vomiting in my mouth.  I too hope she gets arrested and the daughter gets taken away from her!
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