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Moving from the US to Austria

My husband and I have both been offered positions in Austria and we are seriously considering taking them. 

We are on a really fast track and don't have much time until a decision needs to be made.

What kinds of things should I be thinking about/considering?


Re: Moving from the US to Austria

  • Without knowing much about your situation, here are some things to consider:

    What are the salary and benefits?  (ETA: don't forget cost of living and taxes are usually a LOT higher in Europe than in the USA)

    Will they cover housing, travel, transportation, visas/paperwork?  Pay to ship your stuff over and back?

    Will you be there for a defined contract or open-ended?  If open-ended, what happens if after a month or two you or they decide it's not working out?

    Do you own a house you will have to sell or rent out?  Car?  Lots of furniture or other items?  What will you do with your belongings?

    Do you have pets you'll be taking with you (or not) and how will you handle this?


    Any medical issues that will need care or followup there?  Are you on medications and are they available over there? (probably are since it's Europe, but you never know)

    Those are all the things I can think of...good luck!

  • Marista kicks butt with her answer! The only thing i would add off-hand is if they provide language classes (if you don't speak the language), have you been there or lived abroad before? Culture shock can be right nasty for some people. Is it an american company that pays in dollars or will you earn money/pay taxes in austria?
  • Since all the important stuff was covered, let me talk about intangible stuff.

    - excitement, adventure

    - the chance to experience something new and learn more (and you both have jobs lined up - that is huge)

    - more opportunity to travel

    I say this because I want you to keep in mind that even if you "only" have the same standard of living as you would in the US (ie, they aren't giving you a huge expat package), you are still getting a lot out of this.

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  • I think the advice you've been given is really good and we would need more details about your situation to offer more detailed advice, but it sounds like a wonderful opportunity.  I've heard really good things about Austria.
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  • A couple more things to consider if it's a work move:

    - Where will you be paid, and in what currency?  This isn't a huge deal, but it can come into play re: logistics.  (During my first overseas assignment, I was actually still being paid in USD into a US account, which was awkward until DH started getting his salary locally.)

    - Retirement benefits:  Will you be on a different pension plan, a local pension plan, maintaining your existing US retirement plan?

    - Health insurance.  Both in Austria and abroad.  Especially if you'll be returning to the US to visit, you need to know if you're covered or if you'll need to buy travel insurance.

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