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J just put Jane to bed and it seemed really fast so I go "you changed her into 'jammies right' and he goes "oh no I forgot".  Meanwhile, the kid is wearing JEANS.  I thought he said "I did do the nighttime diaper though".  So I go "at least you did the diaper" and he's like "no, I said I didn't , I didn't do anything".  So he had to go back upstairs, get her out of her crib and do it all.  I hope she sleeps after this!

Women really are better at multi-tasking!  :)

Re: Seriously?

  • LOL. So he just put her in her crib? That sounds just like something my DH would do.  I love him, but he can be clueless.
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  • LOL whoops!

    Reminds me of the time Walt put Natalie's onesie back on after a diaper change-- without putting on a new diaper.

    What would they do without us? 

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  • Oh, I love when they forget, or don't think of, things like that. M does things like that all the time

  • Yup - just put her down.  Thing is - he puts her to bed most often so it was just a total brain fart.

    He's also done the PJs no diaper thing that I luckily caught.  That would have been a MESS!
  • That is too funny--even my DH laughed
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  • Thats too funny!  LOL.... DH took the twins to the mall once with his mother and brought 2 diapers.  Yeah he thought that would be enough...  they both pooped and he had to come home and get more diapers.. silly men have no clue!
  • H does that all the time. I finally bought him some fun PJ's so now he makes sure to remind H so he can wear Spongebob. 

  • LOL I can totally see Dh doing that.
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  • DH did that with Kellen last week. I got him from his crib in the morning and he was still wearing his jeans/outfit I had put him in the day before. I was surprised he wasn't still wearing his shoes. I was also shocked he didn't pee through his diaper because it was sooo saggy and full. I asked him why he didn't change him into jammies and he said, "Kellen wanted to go to bed early..." So, you didn't change him out of anything or his diaper, yeah that makes sense. Tessa also ends up sleeping in her outfits too, I think it is just laziness on his part though.
  • LOL, these stories are cracking me up. 
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