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Tryers 2ww phantom symptom post

Hee hee, i'm going to fuel the baby-fever. Anyone care to join me?

If I ovulated when i think I did I'll be 14 or so dpo on  Monday and will test but it's possible I didn't even ovulate lol.

Who wants to share their 'symptoms' (even though we all know you don't actually get any until at least 6weeks)


Cramps (which is usual a week before AF) but no spotting which I usually get. i also am getting very uncomfortable pains every morning on the left side of my uterus (could be my full bladder lol).

I also have tender breasts and monstrous bloating and food aversions but they could be due to the meds.

Re: Tryers 2ww phantom symptom post

  • Can I partcipate even though I am not trying, but I POAS yesterday. DH and I were concerned that I might be pg again because I have been having pg symptoms!

    Heartburn, I never got that before I was pg, and I have been having to live on Gavescon (sp?) lately.

    Headaches, like I got in my first trimester

    And I keep having little pops in my stomach, like kicking, but of course that would have meant I was in my second trimester. (I have the Mirena fitted, but I fell pg on the pill last time, so we always know anything is possible).

    Oh, and I haven't had an AF since July, not even a showing.

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  • ha ha love it Wink I am approx 7dpo so really shouldn't have any symptoms at all.

    Tiredness, but I think that is because I have given up coffee now for about 2-3 weeks to try and get healthier.

    Nausea, I have been having waves of nausea for the past few days, not too bad but enough for me to notice.  


    Indifferent  TMI ALERT                      TMI ALERT                TMI ALERT  Indifferent

    While we are at it, I have a question.  So I got my EWCM on Friday night (first time ever) and DH and I got busy that night and the day after, we aren't charting, and I had forgotten to check my cerivx that day.  I have been checking since then, and it has been hard and closed since, except for yesterday morning when it went all floppy, but back to hard last night???!!!!????

    Has this happened to anyone else?  Sorry if TMI


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  • to be honest, I've never gotten the hang of measuring my cervix. I can barely reach it most of the time! (and yes I find myself laughing at myself while trying lol).

    If it's soft and open it means you're ovulating right but if it's hard and closed you're not.

    I would think seeing a distinct change like you did would mean you could have ovulated or then again just had a 'floppy-cervix' day.

    I forgot my other symptoms... I had EWCM a lot and then dried up completely for 2 days after I think I O'd and now it's very creamy and unusual for me.

  • I don't really like checking my cervix, I feel absolutely ridiculous while doing it!

    I would post over on the bump, but those girls seriously scare me, maybe I should just do it and see what they say.

    Congrats on the EWCM, I was so excited when I saw it!  I think the creamy part is good, I have read TCOYF and still feel a bit clueless!

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  • Blushing, what did the test say?
    Jakarta, Indonesia. image Pregnancy Ticker
  • I'd love to know too Blushing! :)

    Not having AF since July could make you in the 2nd trimester.

  • Oh sorry No double buggies for me yet! Thankfully it was a BFN! I need a few years to recover from my last pg.
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  • lol. glad it was the result you wanted. :)
  • Glad you don't have to run out for double buggies just yet!
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  • I?ll answer your TMI qustion Mrs. Hoooi--Your cervix can change positions within the course of a day, so I supposed it?s possible that the open cervix was just a random thing. I personally find it difficult to tell--I feel like mine is either open and soft, or closedish and hard and there isn?t a lot in between. I suppose that?s because I had a dialation and curetage, but I don?t know for sure. The EWCM is a great sign, though.
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  • thanks leila!  I guess I am wondering if I could possibly be growing through the right moves to have a viable pregnancy or if I missed it.

    I find it much like yours, either one or the other, nothing in the middle as far as I can tell.

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  • No phantom symptoms, since I'm waiting to ovulate.  I'm thinking of all of you and hope we get some new BFPs soon.
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  • I'm at at about O time, so no phantom symptoms yet.

    But last month, I was really really tired all the time, and vaguely?nauseous. And bloated like you wouldn't believe. And everything smelled really stinky.

    But no.?

  • I just finished with AF yesterday (THANK GOD) so I'm waiting to O...good luck all!
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