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I saw your post in the bf thread. I'm sorry you had such a crappy experience at the hospital. I had a c-section at Virtua Voorhees as well.

I wanted to mention in case you didn't know andhave the availability, they have a free bf support group at the Barry Brown education center at that hospital every Wednesday from 1:30-3.

It's facilitated by one of the LC's from the hospital. Her name is Connie. I really liked her and I loved the group. There are about 20 women who go every week with their babies. You can do weighed feedings and it's very informal. You can share your issues with other moms and they can help you with advice on what worked with them. I really enjoyed it.

Connie also facilitates a group at Mt. Holly Virtua on Weds as well. I think it's 11-12:30 but it's a much smaller group.

I highly recommend going if you can! Good luck.

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Re: sugarchick

  • Thanks so much!  I did know about the group & I'm hoping to go starting next Wednesday.  It's good to know of someone who went & enjoyed it.

    It's a shame--the LC that I dealt with was the only negative experience at the hospital.  I kind of feel like it made breastfeeding that much harder for me.  The nurses that tended to me while there were great.  There was a nurse who sat with me the first night my LO got to come up to my room, and she sat there & very patiently tried to help me with latching & feeding.

    I get to stay home with my LO until the end of June, so I was really hoping to be able to breastfeed her until I go back to work.  I'm kind of feeling at this point I won't be able to EP because it feels like the supply just isn't there. But, that's probably because it's a hospital-grade pump & not a baby that I'm working with.

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  • I think I would have not continued if it weren't for the nurses there.

    How old is your baby?

    Eta I just saw your baby is 2 weeks. I'll bet you can get that baby back on your breast.

    Also, re your supply, it's probably all over the place now so don't get discouraged. Getting past the first few weeks can be the roughest. Just seek the support and take it 1 day at a time.

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