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WWYD: CoWorkers Wedding

I work in a small child care center, there are 4 other employees besides myself (including my boss). One of the girls is getting married in June, in Vegas, and we are all invited along with our spouses. I've never met her fiance, or anyone else in her family, and Dh and I just can't justify spending that kind of money to go to a wedding where we won't know anyone but the bride and a couple other people. It's also Father's Day weekend, which isn't a big deal, but we do usually hang with our dad's that day.

Sooo, WWYD? Should I go alone just to spare her feelings....Explain to her that we just can't afford to spend that much money (we do have 4 other weddings going on this year)....Make up a lie about a Father's Day get together?

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Re: WWYD: CoWorkers Wedding

  • Don't go. Just tell her it's not in the budget right now (if you have to tell her anything at all. Really, you don't).

    EDIT: I'm assuming you don't want to go on your own?

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  • You RSVP that you will be unable to attend, and send her a gift. You don't need to explain.
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    You RSVP that you will be unable to attend, and send her a gift. You don't need to explain.

    Ditto this.  I think you're unneccessarily stressing about it.  No bride expects every single one of her invitees to attend. If you feel like a "sorry we can't make it" won't cut it, just say it's not in the budget or that you have Father's Day plans.  No big deal.

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  • Thanks ladies. I think if I were in a bigger office with more people, it wouldn't be so bad. I do feel bad, and if she were getting married locally I'd definitely make it. I'm sure she'll understand.

    Oh, and no, I don't really want to go on my own. I know I wouldn't have as much fun if Dh wasn't there since I don't know many other people going.

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  • rsvp no and send a gift


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  • I would just RSVP no and leave it at that. If she asks, I'd tell her what passanie suggested, that it's not in your budget right now. She should understand, considering you guys aren't super close friends. Do you have some specific reason to think she will be very upset? Are all the other coworkers/boss going?

    I think since she's having a summer wedding out of town on Father's Day weekend, she may get quite a few no's.

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