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UK Ladies

Anyone know a uk stat employment lawyer???

Re: UK Ladies

  • Ifyou find one, can you pass on the details to me - looks like you and I are in the same boat. I think my last day will be end of November.
  • I will do so!  We are in the same boat as my last day is Dec, 10th.  Hang in there, as everyone said there is a time when you will realize it is a blessing in deguise. 
  • I only found out yesterday, so it's still feeling pretty raw, but already I am thinking of all the jobs I always wish I'd had. I have worked out how much I 'need' to live on and what my absolute bottom salary is, so frankly, anything that falls above that is fair game.

    Any idea what you're going to do? What have you previously been doing?

  • I found out yesterday also!  Well mine is a blessing in disguise to be honest since I didn't want to move back to the US working for my current boss as he is a jerk (stating that nicely). 

    I am unsure of what I am going to do.  I might take some time off and start wedding planning but am still unsure.  I have previously been doing accounting.

  • i can't help with the lawyer but i just wanted to wish you both good luck! you'll find something much better, i promise - getting laid off from a job i had in the states was seriously the best thing to happen to me.

  • Gosh - we don't work for the same company do we??

    Kidding - our company has no US presence, so it's unlikely. 

    I've already had 3 calls this morning from agents who are putting my CV to their clients, so I'm feeling optimistic. I will be paid until middle of January, so I have time. The statutory redundancy pay is really low though, which sucks.

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