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Okay - I'll be the first - Russel Brand "situation"

Okay, seriously. The man's granddaughter dances in a burlesque troupe called Satanic Sluts and is appalled at the things that Brand said. I didn't hear the show, but come on.

NOBODY else thinks that if the guy's granddaughter dances in a Satanic Sluts dance troupe she and her family shouldn't be too shocked that someone would say lewed things about her????

I think that whatever the two comedians said probably went too far, and it was innappropriate. But in the papers, journalists mention the name of her dance troupe as though it has no ironic value at all.

Is it really just me?????


Chronically hilarious - you'll split your stitches!
I wrote a book! Bucket list CHECK!

Re: Okay - I'll be the first - Russel Brand "situation"

  • I think someone mentioned this in the post yesterday.?
  • Storm in a teacup IMO.

    We talked about it yesterday and you can google for the transcript or watch it on YouTube. 

    I just don't think it was that big of a deal.

  • Whoops! Didn't see the post about it yesterday.

    I was reading about it for the first time on the train this morning.?


    Chronically hilarious - you'll split your stitches!
    I wrote a book! Bucket list CHECK!
  • I'm not greatly familar w/the situation but c'mon - leave the old man alone.  It sounds like Howard Stern comedy - grow up and pick on somebody w/your own sensiabilites.
  • I know. To call a man who is 75 years old talking about having sex with his granddaughter and then doing things to him in his sleep. I'd be horrified if someone did that to my grandfather.

    It's the Satanic Sluts thing that I find ironic - especially in that nobody in the media has seeemed to run with that at all...?


    Chronically hilarious - you'll split your stitches!
    I wrote a book! Bucket list CHECK!
  • Alright, I'll jump in here.

    I've listened to the Show (youtube has it if you didn't hear it) and I didn't find it that offensive, but I also didn't find it funny. It was like two 9 year olds high on e-numbers doing prank calls. These guys should know better. It wasn't big, it wasn't clever. Fair enough his granddaughter is what she is, but does the grandfather need it thrown in his face? Do they have the right to torment him with it? The guy's nearly 80 - show him a little respect.

    That said - the media are holding onto it like a dog with a bone. Jonathan Ross is higher profile and has more to lose, but Russell Brand has quit his job on the show.  Sachs has accepted the apology - I wish the media would move on.

    The irony is in the granddaughter doing a kiss and tell - clearly she wants the story to keep running. 

  • In my not so humble opinion they crossed a clear line that I would find disgraceful had it been done by them or anyone else.
  • I agree with Loopy, they crossed a very clear line as evidenced by all the complaints.  It wasn't imaginative and it wasn't funny.   Not to mention I don't believe a woman's career choice in any way gives others the right to make lewd comments about her.
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