April 2010 Weddings
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Super quirky wedding!

DH and I went to a super quirky wedding yesterday, I thought I'd share the highlights because they are so fun!  Oh, and BTW, they are doing a more traditional wedding with their family on the east coast this summer, but had to get married this weekend for insurance reasons, so they made the best of the situation:

1. Location: Ocean cliffs, we were told to bring beach chairs and blankets, the aisle was made out of sticks and stones

2. Officiant: One of their friends, she started with the line from Princess Bride: "Mawwage. Mawwage is what bwings us together today. Wove, twue wove... ", it got more serious after that, but they kept it light. My favorite reading was a passage from Mr. Rogers :)

3.  Music: They had a friend in a tree playing his harmonica: he played Super Mario Brothers for the entrance and Zelda for the exit. 

4. The first dance: DDR, seriously, it was so cute!

~Margaret (and Nick)~
Post-Wedding Life Blog!
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Re: Super quirky wedding!

  • Awww..that sounds so personalized and fun!  I'm assuming you took some pictures!  Can't wait to see them!
    Shmel's Blog
  • Haha that sounds like a fun day!
  • That is so fun! I wish I was gutsy enough to do something like that at my wedding!
    April 2010: Favorite Romantic Picture

  • I had also wanted to do a few  quirky things, but H is a stone cold traditionalist, and wouldn't hear of it! I simply love it when couples make their ceremonies unique and special :-)
    April 24, 2010
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  • There are some good pictures, I'll try to post them when I get home tonight :)
    ~Margaret (and Nick)~
    Post-Wedding Life Blog!
    A10 Siggy Challenge: Next Vacation Destination: San Francisco!
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